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Hot Flashes

Is this you?


  • You are sweaty. Menopause or not, you have random hot flashes and often find yourself sweating for no reason. You might even carry a sweat rag in your purse at all times so you can use it when the heat strikes.  Or have the fan ready to go at night in your bedroom in case it hits.

  • You’re uncomfortable. You wake up in the middle of the night throwing all the covers off as quickly as possible. At social gatherings you often ask, “Is anyone else too hot? Or is it me?  (It’s you!)”

  • You are frustrated. Your doctor blames it on age and says, “Don’t worry, it’s normal.” You were prescribed hormones, but you’re concerned about how healthy that is, and you’re not sure where to turn for answers you can trust.


Don’t worry. I can help you! I know how you feel. I used to struggle with many of the same problems myself. The truth is cortisol, inflammation, and hormones are often contributors when it comes to hot flashes. The key to stopping hot flashes for good can be found in addressing the root causes of the issue. To do this, you have to take a good look at the four pillars of health. They are:


  • Hormone Balance

  • Toxicity

  • Nutrition Deficiency

  • Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Balance


When you work with me, we will take a deep dive into each of these four factors and get to the bottom of why your temperature is out of control and how to fix it.


Ready to feel normal again?

Start by taking the Brilliant Health Assessment and find out what’s at the root of your health issues.

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