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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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Balance Your Hormones: The Surefire Way To Accomplish Your Health Goals In 2022

Do you ever feel like the health goals you set for yourself are constantly out of reach? Have you tried diet after diet, exercise program after exercise program, to get your hormones in balance only to end up with frustrating results that never seem to last?

If this is you, then listen closely! Today's episode will challenge everything you think about how our bodies work. We will make the case for why, even though it seems counterintuitive, vision and goals can help your body achieve what it needs to do naturally. Because vision helps align the pieces of your life, vision helps create a holistic approach that goes beyond just quick-fix band-aids. Vision brings change from places unseen, so that what was not possible before becomes effortless.

Vision brings alignment, vision creates change from within. And it turns out that's the only way real lasting health changes can happen. It's well known that our hormone levels are integral to everything in our lives including but certainly not limited to mood, weight loss goals, libido levels, energy levels and so on. But if you have spent any time at all researching how hormones work inside the body, you know there are dozens of different hormones involved in every process imaginable - making vision an essential part of your holistic approach to finally balancing your hormones for good.

Hormone balance sounds overwhelming, but there's a simple solution that can help you reach all your health goals faster.

Hormones + Vision = Optimal Health & Success

In this episode, Dr. Kyrin Dunston discusses the things that will help you accomplish your 2022 wellness resolution towards balanced hormones.

You'll learn:

  • Planning with intention & having a vision

  • How to jumpstart your hormone balancing journey

  • Q & A with Dr. Kyrin

  • Hormone Bliss Challenge

  • And more!

[01:07] All health goals occur with hormone balance. Hormones are the foundation of your health.

[2:07] We're adding a Q and A episode each month when I'm going to answer your questions.

[7:38] I also have new programs for you like the hormone bliss challenge.

[10:42] Everything is created twice, including you. You are a thought in the mind of the universe.

[11:35] You have to have a vision of your health, and then you go about creating it.

[13:25] So number one is your vision. Where are you going? Number two, where do you start in detail?

[15:03] Your health is a hero's journey. When you have health challenges, you are being called to something greater.

[16:45] It starts with having a vision of overcoming the challenge usually, and, and for women at midlife that starts with hormones, you got to overcome the hormone challenge.

[18:48] You can create your health and design your health and your life with that same intention. But you got to know where you're starting. You got to have a plan, and you got to have a guide.

[20:35] You can always just come when it comes back around, and I've got new tools for you with the hormone list challenge. So you definitely want to check that out. And it launches on January 24th.

[25:48] My mission in life is to educate and support women at midlife and beyond to make this the best time of their lives.

[26:39] Join me for the hormone bliss challenge. Join me with the Q and A Episodes. It will be amazing. Come join us. Get a clear vision, get a plan.

It's time to get the inside scoop on what's really going on inside your body and mind so that maybe, just maybe this time, you can finally take action once and for all.