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#002: Taking Control of PCOS with Robin Nielsen, CNC, BHCN

In this episode, Women’s Natural Health Expert, Kyrin Dunston MD, talks with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) expert and host of the upcoming Natural Solutions for PCOS Online Conference, Robin Nielsen about the myriad expressions of this epidemic syndrome and simple solutions to implement to move towards healing.

Learn key symptoms of the #1 syndrome among women to compare to ones you might be having and know if it’s PCOS. Understand why you feel poorly yet your lab work is “normal” and how and why to get your hormones tested.

Stress is epidemic in our society and directly impacts the expression of PCOS. Robin and Dr. Kyrin uncover why this occurs and detail the delicate nature of a women’s hormonal system.

Plus, Robin takes you step by step through her Road Map to healing PCOS that includes the essential keys to healing from this troublesome syndrome and gives a sneak peek to exciting discoveries from her upcoming online PCOS conference.

Lean in to learn about these and more insights into PCOS.

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Key topics covered in this episode include:

· Why PCOS is a symptom diagnosis and where to take the quiz

· Why a diagnosis of PCOS is not essential

· The difference between “normal” and “optimal” lab values

· The most common symptoms of PCOS

· Why the birth control pill may not be the best treatment

· Which hormones are imbalanced with PCOS

· Why you need to question everything your doctor tells you

· Why cholesterol is a good and essential nutrient

· What information your cravings tell you

· The Road Map to healing from PCOS

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“I am a firm believer that the right way to get healthy is to address the root causes of disease.” Dr. Kyrin

“Her Brilliant Health is when you’re happy with your life.” Robin Nielsen

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