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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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#013: Having It A.L.L. with Matthew Bivens

What does having it ALL mean to you? Can you have it ALL without having brilliant health? What does having brilliant health mean to you? These important questions and more pondered in this episode with Matthew Bivens of the Having it A.L.L. (Abundant Loving Life) Podcast.

Hopefully, you’ve realized that great health starts with a terrific mental and social state. But what, exactly, is needed in these areas to supercharge your health in the right direction?

Matthew Bivens is a Balance Lifestyle Coach who aims to create and experience an abundant loving life every day and to be on what he calls Full Beast Mode. He teaches clients how to create their own balanced life and find their own voice.

Finding your own voice is a central component of creating brilliant health, especially if you’re struggling with thyroid or other neck issues (ore on this later). Listen up as we discover Matt’s unique and proven tools to having it ALL.

Key Points:

- How to nurture your relationship to yourself and your partner

- What is an Abundant Loving Life and how do you achieve it?

- Finding the balance in your life, is it possible?

- Discerning your own inner voice and heeding its desires

- Is living your life from a passionate place possible?


“If you try to have it all based by society, things are going to fall by the wayside.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Health is a journey and not a destination.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Living into that authentic person that is within you is what it means to have brilliant health.” – Matthew Bivens

“A way to build trust is making deposits through the love tank.” – Matthew Bivens

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