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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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#014: Parallel Journeys of Helping Women Heal with Dr. Anna Cabeca

Triple Board Certified Dr. Anna Cabeca guests on Her Brilliant Health Radio podcast in today’s episode. Dr. Kyrin and Dr. Anna share parallel journeys from practicing traditional medicine (both OB-GYN) to Functional and Integrative medicine to being published authors and offering innovative virtual health optimization programs for women.

Dr. Anna shares her personal journey of healing, focusing on hormones and menopause – learn how she reversed menopause and brought herself back to healthy hormone balance not once but twice. And no chat between two OBGYN’s would be complete without a dose of sex, a sprinkle of self-love and a helping of relationships.

Dr. Anna shares information on her soon-to-be-released book “The Hormone Fix”, available early 2019. Plus, information on how to join her 10 day Breeze Through Menopause Course she will offer in the spring.

Key Points:

- What is the keto-green diet and what it offers to your overall health

- How to balance your hormones and reverse menopause

- How stress and trauma wreck your hormones and your health

- Golden nuggets to having a healthy and brilliant life

- How to have a robust sex life and relationship in menopause


“It’s our choice and decision to be healthy.” – Dr. Anna Cabeca

“Resentment is lack of self-care.” Dr. Anna Cabeca

“Knowing that we are absolutely worthy is necessary.” – Dr. Anna Cabeca

“To get in touch with your inner being, what are you really feeling?” - Dr. Anna Cabeca

“What are the things that we value most in our lives and let’s do more of those.” – Dr. Anna Cabeca

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s website -

The Hormone Fix (Dr. Anna Cabeca’s book) –

The “Hormone Harmony” Special Gift Pack -

Julva Cream – For our delicate feminine parts

Mighty Maca

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