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#029: Yoga Techniques To Help You Heal with Faith Hunter

Yoga is not just about exercise and flexibility, it is also about healing yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. It means union of body and soul and is a unique tool to heal on all levels. Kundalini yoga is a particularly practical method to help you navigate the ups and downs of daily living.

In this episode, International yoga and meditation leader Faith Hunter shares her personal journey of healing through Kundalini yoga and meditation and shares simple practices to implement to handle stress and difficulty as it inevitably arises.

Key Notes:

  • Why breathwork is such a powerful healing tool

  • Different types of yoga practices

  • Kundalini yoga practices and development

  • The 7 chakra energy centers in the body

  • The top health and wellness benefits of yoga and meditation


“Yoga means union and it was developed to quiet the body so that the soul could speak.” - Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Kundalini is the practice of harnessing the energy within you.” – Faith Hunter

“When energy is flowing we have the capacity to manifest what we want” - Faith Hunter

“Yin yoga is key to healing because it liberates bound up energy.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Yoga practices are rooted in the science of healing the body.” – Faith Hunter

“When the mind is quiet you hear God, Spirit, The Divine, Source, whatever you call it – and then you are open to divine inspiration and guidance. “ – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“ When the mind is quiet you are lowering resistance in your body that is associated with disease.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Having brilliant health is feeling joy, peace and harmony” – Faith Hunter

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