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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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#036: Join The Kimchi Revolution with Dr. Susanne Bennett

Most diets remove desirable foods from your daily regimen and many can create a sense of deprivation because of it. This is why the word “diet” can strike fear in people’s hearts.

But what if you can actually go on a “diet” that doesn’t eliminate foods but instead adds a specific dish to accomplish the same weight loss result? What if this dish is scientifically proven to achieve enormous health benefits including weight loss? That’s not such a scary diet.

Dr. Kyrin speaks with Dr. Susanne Bennett about the science and history of kimchi and it’s use in modern times to improve all aspects of health, including weight. Kimchi has been used for thousands of years and speaks directly to the centerpiece of health in the body; the gut. Kimchi decreases gut inflammation and improves the microbiome, no matter what else you are consuming.

This episode highlights Dr. Susanne’s release today of her newest book “The Kimchi Diet: Revive your Gut, Get Lean, Live Longer." Listen and learn how this delicious fermented vegetable dish can assist you on your healing journey and move you towards brilliant health.

Key Notes:

  • Learn the roots of fatigue: The role of mitochondria in the body

  • Understand mitochondrial dysfunction and symptoms

  • Discover the benefits and science behind The Kimchi Diet

  • Learn how to make kimchi at home


“When you lose muscle mass, you gain fat.” – Dr. Susanne Bennett

“Overeating, overexercising and too much gas in your belly affects your mitochondria”. – Dr. Susanne Bennett

“Food can be your medicine but it can be a poison too”. – Dr. Susanne Bennett

“My pyramid of success levels in healing is hormonal balance; toxicity; nutritional deficiency; and mental, emotional, spiritual balance.” – Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Sea salt contains potassium, which contrary to popular belief, hypertensives need.” -Dr. Kyrin Dunston

“Her brilliant health is grabbing your potential and becoming the very best of who you are.” – Dr. Susanne Bennett

Links Mentioned:

Dr. Susanne Bennett’s website

The Kimchi Diet book

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