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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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#045: Is It Me Or My Hormones? with Marcelle Pick, NP

Despite the fact that our culture portrays women at middle age as being tired, overweight and “over-the-hill” this should not be the natural course of life for us.

Menopause can and should be a glorious time of life filled with self-discovery, vitality and wholeness.

If you are not experiencing this then there are reasons that must be uncovered for you to live the brilliant life that you deserve.

In this episode Functional Medicine Practitioner Marcelle Pick and Dr. Kyrin explore why you must address the underlying root cause of your weight gain, fatigue and other health issues if you want to heal and how to begin doing that.

They review ground breaking research on how our childhood events affect our health….forever…..and steps to take to remedy their effects.

Key Notes:

  • What stress really is and how to determine if it’s affecting your adrenal health.

  • Why gut health is key for healing

  • How to properly choose and use probiotics

  • Why you are biologically programmed to crave sweets and salt under stress

  • The deeper call of menopause that’s missed by most people

  • The link between weight issues and sexual abuse

  • How to get healthier, more beautiful and more confident as you age.


“Women are starting to be glorious in their 50’s and 60’s.” Marcelle Pick NP

“As we get older, we actually get better.” Marcelle Pick NP

“If we don’t deal with our stories then they will deal with us.” Marcelle Pick NP

“Food is the most powerful drug we have.” Marcelle Pick NP

“What all women are really looking for is to feel good about themselves.” Marcelle Pick NP

“Menopause is a journey of self-discovery.” Marcelle Pick NP

“It’s the great American secret that we’ve swept under the rug; that we have these health issues and addictions because of adverse childhood events.” Kyrin Dunston MD

“Menopause is a call to a larger life.” Kyrin Dunston MD

“Imbalances you have been accruing peak by the time you hit menopause. It really is a time to pause and take care of yourself.” Kyrin Dunston MD

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