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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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#054: When Nature Says No - How To Handle Infertility Naturally with Dr. Aumatma Shah

Getting pregnant should be a natural and effortless act.

It can be shocking, even devastating, when pregnancy doesn’t easily happen.

More frequently infertility is becoming the norm in our society and health complications around pregnancy for mother and baby have not really improved, despite our over medicalization of pregnancy care and delivery.

Fertility Expert Dr. Aumatma Shah discusses conceiving holistically and factors to consider before attempting pregnancy to avoid disappointing or disastrous complications for you and your baby.

Key Notes:

  • Infertility causes and increase

  • Holistic testing available to determine the cause of fertility issues

  • Supplements and nutrients to help increase fertility

  • Other factors that can affect your fertility and hormone levels


“If you were put on birth control for a hormone issue when you were young, just assume you are going to have a problem getting pregnant.” – Dr. Aumatma Shah

“If you’re on a medication to control a medical problem then you still have that condition and are suffering adverse consequences from it. People are routinely fooled by this.” - Dr. Kyrin

“Antioxidants are crucial when it comes to supporting egg quality.” – Dr. Aumatma Shah

“55% of couples who can’t get pregnant have a male problem.” – Dr. Kyrin

“One of the most important things to do before you consider getting pregnant is to divest your body of toxins.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Her brilliant health is optimal health – you want to feel amazing, vital and have the energy to do the things that you love to do.” – Dr. Aumatma Shah

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