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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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#057: Beating Multiple Sclerosis with Dr. Terry Wahls

You’re told you have a disease for which there is no cure. Only medications with terrible side effects that may reduce symptoms but won’t stop your disease from progressing until you are disabled or worse.

Your doctor may not be aware but addressing the root causes of that disease is the answer.

Professor Dr. Terry Wahls took on the medical establishment by not only reversing her Multiple Sclerosis but by changing the prognosis worldwide for others with this disabling disease.

Whatever disease you are suffering with, there are answers in this episode that you need to hear.

You truly deserve a higher level of health than you have been experiencing.

Key Notes:

  • Learn what the disease Multiple Sclerosis is

  • Understand how foods can trigger illness and disease

  • Discover what the microbiome is and its connection to autoimmune diseases

  • Get up to date on current treatments for untreatable conditions that actually heal


“I am profoundly grateful that I was so disabled and suffered so many years. I had to have that happened in order to be willing to learn about all this cellular biochemistry and physiology and reshape my approach to disease and health.” – Dr. Terry Wahls

“Disease or dis-ease in the body isn’t a sign that you need medication. It’s really a sign that something’s out of balance in your life.” – Dr. Kyrin

“If you’re working towards a physical goal which matters to you then that’s much more meaningful..” – Dr. Terry Wahls

“When we radically change our diet, we radically change our microbiome.” – Dr. Terry Wahls

“You can reverse so many diseases and disorders by addressing the root cause.” – Dr. Kyrin

“As your cells can run the chemistry of life our energy and vitality improves and a lot of these chronic symptoms begin to melt away.” – Dr. Terry Wahls

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