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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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#058: Helping Unresolved Thyroid Issues with Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

Your labs say you’re “normal” but you feel anything but that!

You’re on Synthroid but still have symptoms of low functioning thyroid.

Weight gain, fatigue, constipation, thinning hair and foggy thinking are just a few of the symptoms that can result when your thyroid is not optimized.

Maybe your doctor has been checking minimal labs to follow you and neglecting vital tests that could mean the difference between you surviving and actually thriving?

After hitting rock bottom with her health, Board Certified Nutritionist Tiffany Flaten discovered healing through targeted nutrition and her health flourished.

Learn why addressing key nutrient deficiencies is essential to having optimized thyroid function, health and vitality!

Key Notes:

  • Understand the nature and epidemic of thyroid illness

  • Learn how food sensitivities contribute to thyroid dysfunction

  • Uncover why gluten and wheat are particularly troublesome for thyroid disorders

  • Discover vital tests to identify specific nutrient deficiencies


“I do believe that eliminating gluten helped with anxiety and depression.” – Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

“If you have a health problem then you have a fuel problem because you don’t have the energy to fix the problems that the body naturally wants to fix.” – Dr. Kyrin

“I bless the illness that has brought me to my knees and allowed me to crack open to receive the gift of functional medicine.” – Dr. Kyrin

“If you are struggling with thyroid problems that are unresolved, I think you should look into your nutrients.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Never give up and don’t let others tell you that what you are feeling is normal – listen to your gut.” – Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

“Her brilliant health is empowering; taking control of your health by listening to your body and aligning with what you need to do to feel good.” – Tiffany Flaten, CNS, LN

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