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#072: Heal Brain Chemistry Imbalances with Dr. Elena Villanueva

Conventional medicine treats brain or mental health illness by prescribing pills and usually sends people who suffer from it into a downward spiral leading to depression, anxiety, panic attacks and even suicide.

However, you are not bound to these medications in your lifetime!

Balancing your brain chemistry has been proven to treat the root cause of these diseases and can help you to get your life back in order.

Today’s episode, Dr. Elena Villanueva shares her expertise and knowledge about achieving optimum brain health by finding out the right tests and tools to diagnose the illness properly and target the root cause of the disease.

Key Notes:

  • Brain health issues and how to address it naturally

  • Factors that can affect or trigger brain health issues

  • What is the time frame of healing when utilizing natural ways


“The body is a wonderful machine and it is very self-regulating.” – Dr. Elena Villanueva

“If you affect one engine in the body, it’s going to cause a domino effect in the body.” – Dr. Elena Villanueva

“The same thing that can cause hormonal imbalance can cause brain chemistry imbalance.” – Dr. Elena Villanueva

“You’ve been trained to believe that doctors are the authority and they know what’s best for your health.” – Dr. Kyrin

“It takes time, devotion and dedication. It doesn’t just take 1 pill and make the symptoms go away.” – Dr. Elena Villanueva

“The ultimate act of self-love is to eat in a way that is nourishing and not eat things that are offensive.” – Dr. Kyrin

“Her brilliant health means having the life that you deserve to have.” – Dr. Elena Villanueva

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