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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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#097: Gut Care is Self-Care with Dr. Vincent Pedre

Louis Pasteur said that “Death begins in the colon”. And this is still true today. Your gut is the center of your body literally and is figuratively the center of your health. The most essential self-care you can practice is to love your gut.

Gut health is linked to all aspects of wellness and if you’re suffering with any symptoms or disease then, whether or not you have gut symptoms, you must know that you have gut issues that need to be addressed.

Dr. Vincent Pedre, Best Selling Author of Happy Gut, outlines what’s needed for this vital self-care practice. He connects the dots between gut health and mental health, autoimmune disease weight and energy issues and outlines a clear path to recovery.

Key Notes:

  • How gut health is related to every aspect of your overall health

  • What is the Bodymind and why is it important for your health.

  • What is leaky gut and how does it wreck your health.

  • The hidden causes of Irritable Bowel Disease

  • Ways to discern the messages your gut is sending to you

  • Why your gut is the gateway to your immunity

  • Why your gut is the sexiest part of your body!


“The gut is the root system of the body; like the roots of a tree-it’s where all your nutrients get absorbed.” – Dr. Vincent Pedre

“We’ve abdicated our responsibility to health care providers and come to believe that it’s the doctor who fixes me with a drug.” - Dr. Kyrin

“I’m not the authority on your body, your body is.” Dr. Kyrin

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