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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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Hormones, Health, and Harmony - Natural Beauty Reset

Are you in your midlife years and feel like you've lost your youthful glow? You're not alone! Many women reach a point in their lives when they feel like their hormones are out of whack, their energy levels are low, and their skin isn't as radiant as it used to be.

If you're looking for ways to naturally reset your hormones and reclaim your health and beauty, this episode is for you! In the latest episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast, Dr. Trevor Cates shares her expertise on how to achieve hormonal balance and beautiful skin from the inside out.

You'll learn about:

  • The importance of hormones in overall health and beauty

  • Facts about hormones and how they affect the body

  • Common myths about hormones and hormone replacement therapy

  • Skin - hormones connection and the aging process

  • Beauty myths and secrets for ageless skin

  • And much more!

So, tune in and learn how you can reset your hormones for health and harmony - and natural beauty!

[00:51] Welcome back to another episode of the hormone prescription with Dr. Kyrin. I'm super glad that you are joining me and my guest today. She has an amazing docu-series coming up called hormones, health and harmony, as well as a new book, the natural beauty reset. We're gonna dive into those. There's a link in the show notes to sign up for the hormones, health and harmony docu-series that's coming up.

[01:48] So I'm gonna tell you a little bit about Dr. Trevor CAS and then we'll get started. Dr. Trevor CAS is author of the USA today, bestselling book, clean skin from within the upcoming natural beauty reset, the seven day program to harmonize hormones and restore radiance and founder of the spa doctor natural skincare line. She was the first licensed female naturopathic doctor in California, and she served at several world renowned spas in park city. Utah goal is to inspire and empower women to find the keys, to harmonize their hormones and open their eyes to their natural beauty and to be a guide to help illuminate their path. She has been featured on various TV shows, including the doctors and extra TV. Dr. Kates is host of the hormones, health, and harmony docus series, the woman's doctor podcast and the public television special younger skin from within welcome Dr. Trevor Kates.

[03:11] Thank you. It's so great to be here with you.

[03:14] I had so much fun taping your docus series, hormones, health, and harmony with your team amazing team. And I am so excited for the world to hear what 50 experts have to say about hormone's health and harmony. And I know they're excited to hear about it too, or, and I don't wanna make the whole podcast about the docus, even though I think it's amazing, but I wanna give people a little highlight about what are they gonna learn there? Why should they show up? Who is this for?

[03:44] So I'm so excited to share this with everyone. And really, and I know you talk a lot about hormones and women's health, so your people are used to this, but so many women out there think that symptoms like PMs and, and fertility and insomnia and unexplained weight gain, and hormonal acne are just like just regular parts of being a woman mm-hmm <affirmative>. But we know, and we just need to get this information out to women that these are, while these symptoms are common, they're not normal.

[04:42] And I really am excited for people to see you, but it's busting myths, getting real information about how we can balance our hormones. And it is a nine part documentary series. So there's a lot and it's launching May 10th and we have each episode goes live for a day for 24 hours. People can watch it for free.

[05:20] Combating is the substandard quality of life that we've accepted as women because our, the dogma current doesn't have answers for the problems that plague us, that have to do with our hormones and the rest of our health. And so we think there's something wrong with us or that we have to put up with it and that it's normal, cuz all our friends have it and that's just not true. So we're gonna, we debunk a lot of myths in this docuseries and really show the pathway forward.

[06:24] Well, I, gosh, there was so much, and I would have to say that some of the intricacies of lab testing and so I, so one of the experts we had to is a lot of lab testing and she dove deep into that. And some of that technology is fascinating of what we can learn and all the different ways that we can test, not only our hormone levels, but the metabolites of our hormones and also the toxicity level levels.

[07:23] it sure is. I used to have a friend who was a physician. He said, you know what? They call the physician who treats herself. I said, no, he's like an idiot. <laugh> Cause I was trying to fix my own St. And uh, he's like, no, that was surprising. And what was most inspirational in all of the data that you gathered, what really gave you hope?

[07:50] I can't begin to tell you how many tears we shed listening to people's stories. And these are experts that were sharing their stories. I'm sorry, I'm just getting Terry, just thinking about some of the stories. These are experts, right? But they've all been on their own journey, including you and for them to be so open and vulnerable and share what they went through and how they came out on, on the other side, better for it. And the