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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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What YOU'RE really hungry for podcast with Cynthia Pasquella

We all reach a point of hardship that forces us to make a choice, whether it’s a health crisis, a failed relationship, financial struggles, or the loss of a loved one.

So, what does it take to stage a comeback? And how do people become motivated and inspired to transform their lives when everything around them feels like it’s falling apart?

In this episode of What You’re REALLY Hungry For, host Cynthia Pasquella and guest Dr. Kyrin Dunston explore the topic of making a comeback and stepping up to become your own hero.

Dr. Kryin is a Holistic Functional Medicine specialist who made the ultimate comeback of losing more than 100 pounds and healing her life of stress, depression, and a myriad of health challenges from the inside out.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • the shocking ah-ha moment that led her to transform her entire life

  • what a “spiritual awakening” really is

  • why letting go of control is the key to your comeback!

  • how to STOP letting a fear of change keep you from living the life of your dreams

  • why things can’t stay the same if you want to create different results

  • the REAL reason you might be yo-yo dieting (you’ll never guess what it is!)

  • Dr. Kyrin’s first two steps to starting your own weight loss journey

and of course, what Dr. Kyrin is REALLY hungry for (her answer will surprise you!)

Watch this episode to discover the steps, tools, and beliefs that YOU need to start making your comeback today! Get mp3 and full transcript of this episode here:

---------------------------- ABOUT CYNTHIA ----------------------------

Cynthia Pasquella is a celebrity nutritionist, spiritual leader, media personality and best-selling author. She is the founder and director of the Institute of Transformational Nutrition – the only nutrition certification program that combines nutritional science, psychology, spirituality, and coaching skills to help people create permanent change in their health and life.

She’s the author of The Hungry Hottie Cookbook and PINK Method. Cynthia is famous for inspiring millions of women to discover what they’re really hungry for so they can finally make peace with food and themselves.

She is the creator and host of “What You’re Really Hungry For”, a web series that goes beyond food and examines why you know what to do but still won’t do it as well as the true secrets behind having the body, health, and life you’ve always wanted.

Cynthia is a nutrition expert for The Doctors, The Dr. Phil Show, and The Today Show and has been featured in popular media outlets such as Access Hollywood, E! News Live, Harper’s Bazaar, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine and Marie Claire.

You can find out more about Cynthia and watch her popular web series, “What You’re Really Hungry For” at