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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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Roscoe's Wetsuit #49: Dr. Kyrin Dunston: Brilliant Health

Holistic health expert, speaker and health coach Kyrin Dunston MD moves beyond her career as a community OBGYN and holistic health practitioner and teaches women what it really means to heal, become optimally healthy and thrive in life.

Continually Board Certified since completing her residency, Dr. Dunston takes her clinical expertise beyond the exam room as a “Doctorpreneur" and uses her passion for and expertise in wellness and health optimization to ignite women to action in corporate settings, through her media presence and her podcast, and serves women individually through her group virtual programs and one on one consulting.

For organizations desiring a healthier, more engaged workforce, Dr. Dunston effectively implements initiatives designed to improve all measures of employee wellness. Via onsite and remote interactions, she uses targeted educational and action oriented tasks to improve key measures of wellness and effectively move participants towards health and wholeness.

The result? An improved bottom line and a happier workforce; the entire organization benefits by increasing satisfaction, engagement and productivity, and by decreasing individual and organizational healthcare expenditures.

In print, broadcast and online media, Dr. Dunston is a popular guest and contributor. She is a natural leader with over 2 decades of experience in traditional health promotion and comprehensive holistic wellness. Her down to earth style and personal health journey from obesity and chronic illness to optimal health and vitality inspires others by providing the innovative health information and hope that they are thirsting for. Participants are routinely motivated to transformative action from an encounter with Dr. Dunston.

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