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The Community Cure for Health and Hormones

The Hormone Prescription Podcast with Dr. Kyrin Dunston featuring James Maskell
The Community Cure for Health and Hormones

The community is essential to our health. It helps us take care of ourselves, build our immunity, and get the support we need.

Our guest for this episode, James Maskell, has spent the past decade innovating at the cross-section of functional medicine and community. To that end, he created the Functional Forum, thworld's largest integrative medicine conference with record-setting participation online and growing physician communities around the world.

He is an in - demand speaker and impresario, being featured on TEDMED, HuffPostLive and TEDx, as well as lecturing for physician audiences around the world. His new company, HealCommunity, creates access to health for everyone by delivering virtual episodes of group care in partnership with doctors, clinics and health systems.

James Maskell shares why communities matter and what makes a community healthy.

He offers practical guidance about how we can build a strong community around us and how that affects our health and well-being, develop our ability to cope with life, and live in a way that is life affirming.

James also talks about why healthcare in groups is superior to one-on-one care and the reason why functional medicine is so expensive and not the standard of care.

Let’s hear about this important topic.

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