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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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The Vital Role Of Hormones In Immune Resilience & Breast Cancer

There's a lot of talk about hormones these days. You might have heard that they're responsible for everything from mood swings to weight gain. But what about their role in immune resilience and breast cancer?

In this episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast, we're talking with Dr. Lindsey Berkson about the vital role of hormones in immune resilience and breast cancer. Dr. Berkson is a highly respected physician and author who has dedicated her career to helping women achieve optimal health.

During our conversation, Dr. Berkson discusses the importance of hormone balance for maintaining good health, as well as how hormonal imbalances can increase susceptibility to disease. She also shares some tips for keeping your hormones in balance and boosting your immune system.

Join us for this episode of The Hormone Prescription as we chat with Dr. Lindsey Berkson about the vital role hormones play in keeping us healthy. You'll learn why it's important to keep your hormones in balance and find out how you can do that with natural strategies like diet and lifestyle changes. You'll also hear about the latest research on hormone-related cancers, and find out how you can reduce your risk. So tune in and get empowered to protect your health!

[02:03] And we're gonna talk about a topic that's very important right now, and that is immune resilience, right? Who's concerned about immune resilience, uh, just about every human on the face of the planet.

[03:00] Lindsey Berkson has been a thought leader in pioneer, in functional medicine for over four decades and has authored over 21 groundbreaking books on women and hormones, gut health toxicity, including safe hormones, smart women, which is available online with a background in chiropractic and naturopathic medicine

[05:23] Sexiest Hottest, most beautiful 70 some year old you'll ever see. And so she says, well, you know, I've been on natural hormone therapy for what, 20 years.

[05:34] So I waited five years to try and be prudent and to make sure that I'd clean mammograms and clean serum, cancer markers and inflammatory markers. And then I went on hormones.

[06:02] . People, I think, don't realize that their hormones have anything to do with their immune system, let alone their health resilience.

[07:18] So first of all, in the business, we have always known that hormones send signals to satellite dishes called receptors and whatever tissue has these receptors, they're called target tissues. That's where a hormone signals.

[08:23] And we know that 70% of your immune system lives in the lining of your gut and testosterone. The male hormone sends signals to that.

[09:21] And if an older woman wasn't on hormone replacement, she suddenly had the same statistics of severe COVID a, if she didn't have early intervention, but if she was on hormone replacement, then she had similar safety statistics against COVID like younger women did.

[10:17] And the other thing is we talk about the role of the gut with immunity. So a healthy gut opens and closes. You eat a meal and after you eat a meal, supposedly digest your food to tiny little pieces, amino acids, die peptides, tri peptides.

[11:22] So we have greater immunity because we have greater sex steroid hormones when we're younger. And when we age, we are more vulnerable.

[12:20] Because it seems like we women carve out when it comes to hormones. Why, why do we have these opinions and values that somehow it's shameful or bad to use hormones or to bolster ourselves?

[13:16] And I love your show because I wanna bust that at bull crap, because what it is that aging picks up speed. You age faster in your forties than you did in your thirties.

[15:14] We're so afraid of shaming people for being overweight that we tell a whole nation, nothing about losing weight, cuz COVID loves overweight and flamed bodies.

[16:11] You know, by the way, hormones help you keep a trimmer torso. That's one of the reasons you gain more weight when you get older.

[17:07] But the litigious atmosphere made doctors afraid of the women's health initiative and we're afraid to call it like it is. We want everything to be so moderate and middle road that we're willing to sacrifice the smarter kids in the, the kids