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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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Ultimate Toxic Mold Recovery Guide: Take Back Your Home, Health and Life

Ultimate Toxic Mold Recovery Guide: Take Back Your Home, Health and Life

Did you know that there is a link between mold toxicity and those pesky symptoms of fatigue, nervousness, mood swings and brain fog?

My guest for this episode, Bridget Danner knows this first hand as she has suffered from all of these symptoms before. She also spent years feeling lost and confused about how to heal.

Bridgit Danner has been a licensed acupuncturist since 2004 and a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner since 2015. After losing everything to toxic mold, Bridgit now educates about toxins and how to detoxify through a functional approach.

Mold toxicity is one of the most common toxic exposures that people are exposed to. We all know that healing takes time, but in this episode, we talk about how you can speed up that process by taking some super simple steps, so you start feeling better now - not months from now.

You'll learn:

  • What is mold toxicity

  • The symptoms of mold toxicity

  • What you can do to detoxify your body after being exposed to mold

  • How toxic molds travel throughout our homes and how they are making us sick

  • How molds impact our hormones

  • And much more!

[01:14] Hormones are imbalanced because they're reacting to other things in your environment like mold. So sometimes you have to address the things that your hormones are reacting to in order to get your hormones in line.

[02:08] Over 50% of the homes in America are estimated to have mold contamination.

[05:11] I got my own environmental illness of toxic mold, pretty severely and had to deal with that in my life, in my personal life and my personal health.

[05:59] So I started just talking more about detox techniques and how to detox and then over time really moved into the mold specialty cuz I, I do think there's still a big gap there.

[07:20] And it took probably about eight years until I found out I had mold and that time I just had various symptoms coming and going, you know, with, I had anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, breakthrough bleeding, gut issues, a lot of immune issues like getting sick too often, um, having a lot of like chills, and they would kind of come up and down, right?

[09:12] So, you know, looking back, I can see that there were some things we, we could have known about if we were more aware of mold, we just weren't, but it can happen in newer homes too, when they're built too tightly.

[10:09] So, you know, looking back, I can see that there were some things we, we could have known about if we were more aware of mold, we just weren't, but it can happen in newer homes too, when they're built too tightly.

[11:10] Mold is probably one of the hardest things to diagnose. There you're usually many years delay and people actually receive a diagnosis, and it's hard to treat.

[12:19] One is that issues that aren't resolved are worsening. You know, we're not meant to get sicker and sicker every year or, you know, just have these stubborn, right? It's not like just some of us are meant to have IBS. There's a reason.

[13:43] You can tell me if this is true or not that over 50% of the home and commercial buildings in the United States are affected by mold. Is that correct?

[15:10] if you're doing all the right things, and it's not working check for toxins, I love that you say this because I think that's the hallmark message from this episode is if you're doing what I call all the things and your health is not where it's supposed to be, then you gotta check for toxins and mold would probably be top on the list.

[16:49] So you're inhaling right into your nose, like these VOCs and these mycotoxins and these bacterial fragments that are coming off the water damage right up into your brain. Basically, that information goes right to your brain. And those little microtoxins can travel like anybody's business.

[17:54] So you can have suppressed hormone production, which I was experiencing for years and just being told it was stress. So that's like a big one right there. And if you're trying to get pregnant, or you're trying to make it through menopause or whatever, that's gonna be a problem.

[19:05] Most people aren't aware that the quickest way to get into your brain is through your nose.

[19:31] One of the reasons why is for humans, because they are very good at not killing us and living off of us. Whereas some viruses just go too far and bacteria, they're too acute, too virulent.

[20:48] There's so much actually tons of studies because in animal husbandry, in, in livestock production mold has been a big issue for a long time because the feed is moldy, and then it affects the health and the animals and reproduction.

[22:14] And then once you find out that mold is a part of the problem, detangling that mess can be insurmountable. So how should someone start approaching that?

[22:53] So sauna and coffee and amount were probably my two biggest favorites when I was at my sickest and there are things I still do today to detox.

[23:18] So a lot of basic things that just support healing and movement of toxins, as long as we'll talk about this next, as long as you can eliminate and handle those toxins, supporting the liver, making sure you're pooping, then the nose toxins can exit.

[25:35] If you don't move it, right. You're just feeling sluggish. You're feeling heavy, right. You're not thinking well and nobody wants to live like that.

[28:14] One of the things that I find most women have to come to terms with is that your symptoms and your illness are calling for a greater expression of you and your life that's different from the life you're living. And it sounds like you really accepted that.

[28:44] Sometimes we're not seeing what isn't working for us until we have a health crisis or some other crisis. And that crisis creates an opportunity to change a hundred percent.

[30:46] Diet can play a factor, but a big part of my journey, especially being divorced in the last couple of years, is really like, how do I want to show up for myself? What thoughts do I want to choose? Like what beliefs give me my best life.

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