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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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Using the Power of Microbiome Medicine to Heal Disease

The Hormone Prescription Podcast with Dr. Kyrin Dunston featuring Dr. Grace Liu
Using the Power of Microbiome Medicine to Heal Disease

What is the best way for a woman to achieve optimal health at midlife and beyond? It’s by balancing her hormones. And, the way you do that is by healing your microbiome.

Our guest for this episode, Dr. Grace Liu, is a Functional Medicine trained clinical pharmacist who specializes in complex disease management. She helps clients gain optimal performance through rebuilding the microbiome after damage from modern living using nutrigenomic tools and other advanced functional lab testing to give the solutions, strategies and treatments that reverse modern gut dysbiosis and disease. She is the author of 7 Steps to Heal SIBO” [and SIFO], the Founder of The Gut Institute, Host of the Microbiome Medicine Conferences, and the Microbiome Mastermind and has been featured in GaiaTV, UCSF, Women’s Health Mag, Bulletproof, Ben Greenfield, Human Longevity Project.

In this episode, we cover everything about hormones and your microbiome. We’ll also discuss how these work together to create a healthy or unhealthy environment for your body and soul. You’ll learn what specific diet and lifestyle factors can help you heal your microbiome, and much more.

Let’s hear this great interview!

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Get a copy of Dr. Grace Liu’s book, “7 Steps To Heal SIBO: Simple Strategies and Exercises to Understand SIBO, Restore Energy, Beat Belly Fat and Eliminate Brain Fog.”