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Why Whole Body Cleaning Is Essential And Here’s How

Have you ever wondered about the toxins that have been building up in your body and the effects they have on your overall health?

In this episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast, we interview Diane Kazer, a certified detox specialist, toxins expert, courage coach, and holistic beauty expert. She shares with us why whole body cleansing is essential and provides tips on how to get started.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The sobering statistics regarding toxicity in our environment and in our body

  • The ABCs of detoxing: what, when, where, how, and why

  • Simple tips to get started with whole body cleansing

  • Boosting your mitochondria for better health

  • And much more!

So tune in and learn how you can start feeling your best by detoxing your body!

(00:00): What kind of health are you woman affecting Diane Kazer?

(00:06): So the big question is how do women over 40, like us keep weight off, have great energy balance. Our hormones and our moods feel sexy and confident and master midlife. If you're like most of us, you are not getting the answers you need and remain confused and pretty hopeless to ever feel like yourself. Again. As an OB GYN, I had to discover for myself the truth about what creates a rock, solid metabolism, lasting weight loss, and supercharged energy. After 40 in order to lose a hundred pounds and fix my fatigue. Now I'm on a mission. This podcast is designed to share the natural tools you need for impactful results. And to give you clarity on the answers to your midlife metabolism challenges, join me for tangible natural strategies to crush the hormone imbalances you are facing and help you get unstuck from the sidelines of life. My name is Dr. Kyrin Dunston welcome to The Hormone Prescription Podcast.

(00:59): Hi, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast my guest today. She is so creative and so passionate and has created so many programs to help women with their health. She's gonna talk to you about the ABCs of detox. She's gonna talk to you about some sobering statistics regarding toxicity in our environment and in our body, and really highlight for you the things that are currently poisoning you in your environment, but mostly tell you what to do about it. She's got actionable tips. So you wanna make sure to listen up. I'll tell you a little bit about her and then we'll get started. Diane Kazer is a pro soccer player turned functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. She's a certified detox specialist, toxins expert, courage coach, and holistic beauty expert. Diane had many challenging health conditions and has built recovery protocols to successfully overcome them.

(01:58): With this experience. She's helped thousands of clients around the world as their last resort from failed attempts at everything she created, the cleanse heal like night holistic health Institute and warrior detox programs. She certifies coaches and teaching, teaches clients to activate their intuition, to self-heal, empowering them with lifelong tools to reverse autoimmune disease, breast implant illness, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, gut infections, emotional trauma, and perfectionism through functional medicine labs, custom detox and mastering mindset. She's the author of killer breast, creator of the ex plant solution, producer of the nontoxic beauty summit and the Ionics 10 part dying to be beautiful. Docu-series her mission is to inspire you to embrace your natural beauty and God-given gifts. Shedding the S H I that releases you to live your best life with love, laughter and liberation. Diane will not let you fail. Welcome Diane to the podcast. Thank

(03:05): You so much for having me, Dr. Karen, great to be with you.

(03:08): Yes. Super excited to have you here and talk about all the things related to why a cleansing of your whole body is essential to vitality over 40. What made you become so passionate about this particular topic for women over 40?

(03:27): Yeah. Thanks for the question. I think one of the things that I hear so much and part of what I believed, because it's all that I knew or heard is that you aged, you get older, it's just nothing you can do about it. You're destined to the genetics that you were provided. There's nothing you can do other than take HRT or biodentical hormones. And what that looks like from there is all downhill. It's all downhill after 40, and that you need to take hormone replacement therapy. And that's all that there is. And that you're kind of destined to your sleeping nine hours at night and a little bit of weight gain that won't go away just because you're simply aging and what I've learned as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and working with a lot of women of all ages, of course, a lot of them over 40 at this point, I'm 44 almost is that the toxins are such a big drain to aging.

(04:19): They are such a big drain to the beauty blocks and beauty builders that I call like parasites also robbing us of nutrients. And these are the things that are building blocks to provide beauty, energy and immunity that we're after. And so there's not just a silver bullet. And for me, it was a lot of different toxins like breast and plants, a lot of birth control over the years, not having my period for seven, eight years. And this is a lot of women too. Who've experienced the same thing and were told that these are the only answers for you to build your beauty or to feel younger or to, uh, maintain our youth. And so after doing, doing that Botox, that one almost destroyed me. A lot of the things that I was doing were very mainstream. And then I, I came to realize that there were several women that I worked with were doing the same thing. And we started removing those blocks to their beauty, their immunity, their vitality, and they started to look better, feel better, feel better. And it, it wasn't as

(05:14): Expensive. Yeah. And you know, you said that peop women are offered HRT, but that since the women's health initiative study in 2002 women aren't even getting that benefit. So they're in a worse position than they were. That's one of the reasons why I do what I do, but I agree with you. It's not just about getting a prescription for hormones. I always say, there's the prescription you need a written prescription for, but there's also the life prescription, the dietary prescription, the supplement prescription, the cleanse prescription, all the things that you need to clear out of your body. So what do you think is most important for a woman to know about cleansing her body? I think it's really clear that cleansing is important. I think most women know that it's in the general public. You hear about it on social media. You hear about it on TV. You hear it about on the radio, but when an woman goes to start doing it, I don't think she knows what to do. So where does she even begin?

(06:15): Yeah. When it comes to cleansing

(06:17): Yes. Cleansing. Right? She's like, I wanna cleanse, but then right. How do you do that? What's important. Yeah. Yeah. What does she have to know?

(06:26): It's a great question. And I can go so many different ways with this. And, and I want to kind of take myself even back to when I first started doing this about 12 years ago, is that it's such a big field and it could be intimidating. It could be daunting. So the first thing I want to share with everybody is that we're trained to think it needs to be perfect. We're trained to think it needs to be linear. We're trained that it needs to happen very quickly. And none of these are true when it comes to cleansing your body. Because when you go to start cleansing your body, it's kind of like, imagine a home that's, that's sat for a long time and it hasn't gotten any TLC and you go in there and you start remodeling a 1970s home and you go, you start with the, the bathroom.

(07:03): And then of course the next thing you know, you're, you've spent six figures under remodeling the entire house. And you start to see when you pull the walls back, oh, there's some mold there. You start to look underneath the, the floors and you see, you know, pieces of wood or fragments that you don't want there that might be hazardous to your health asbestos in the roof. So it's kind of similar to that. And it's not meant to scare you. It's meant to aware you that cleansing is a journey. It's, it's a lifelong journey. I always like to say my favorite thing to say to people is ABC always be cleansing because it's not a destiny. It's not like, okay. It's like, when you say in the psychology field, it's like, well, I'm, I'm healed. I'm awake. I'm finally done. I'm woke. And it's like, no, our whole life isn't awakening. Just like a tree. Our whole life is blossoming. And so the same thing can be true with cleansing. We are exposed to over 75,000 toxins on a regular basis. And the average person, according to the EPA has over 700 in their body. I can see a lot of head nods over there, giving yourself chiropractic, adjust, right? Doc

(08:05): <laugh> oh my gosh. Like preach Diane preach. Yeah. There's

(08:10): So many. And this is also, you know, what's been hidden, hidden in plain sight. It, it, from so many of us are not made aware of these because there are a lot of MDs. Obviously not like you talking, they're not talking about this, that are saying that your liver talks, your liver cleanses toxins on their own. You don't need to do anything additional, but the average person has over 700 of these poisons inside of them at any given time. The average baby is born with over 275 of these poisons in their body before they have even taken their first breath. And this is where I obviously get really passionate because where are these coming from? They're obviously coming from mom and this is not meant to shame or blame anybody, but the onus is on, on us when it comes to these things. When I tell women, Hey, before you go spend 15,000, 20,000 on IVF therapy, because you can't get pregnant, sit with somebody who, you know, is an expert at cleansing and work with them for three, ideally six months to really clean out your beautiful nest, go to your room and clean your womb.

(09:18): <laugh> it's like

(09:19): What I like. So

(09:20): Clean your womb before you start to create something new, because this could be a lifelong sentence to a child, a brand new baby that maybe perhaps you weren't aware of with these poisons. And it's not too late. If you have had a baby, that's not what I'm saying at all. It's just to give these babies a great chance of cleansing. And so I wanted to start with those statistics because it's that important to understand that this is not just somebody who has had silver fillings or somebody who's had breast implants or somebody who's had Botox or somebody who's been exposed to asbestos cold. You know, this is not just one in a hundred people. We are constantly surrounded with these things. So the first place I like to start is by saying, what are the things that are currently poisoning you now? Like, what are the things in your environment? And you can do that and ask that question concurrent to I'm also going to be cleansing my body. Now. Here's what I'll say. Did you wanna interject anything Dr. Kirin? Cuz I just kind of went off

(10:17): Pretty big camera. No, I'm like, I'm like, I'm right with you. Preach. Tell it like it is and go right where you're going. I love it.

(10:24): Okay, great. So, so it first starts with awareness that wow cleansing is really, truly in my perspective. And hopefully you're hearing some of this too. The number one thing that is contributing to our illness today, symptoms, sickness, suffering, stuckness. And so that aside now you're here and you're going okay, what do I do? Where do I start toxins in environment. Very key. Secondly, here's what I'd like to say. That is very unconventional and UN mainstream. That needs to be is that start with ensuring that you're ready for the toxin game. Yeah, the detox game. Right? So I played professional soccer and I can say this because I know for me, if I hadn't been practicing for the championship game for the state cup, whatever it was that I was competing in and you guys who were athletes can, can get this or also kind of maybe preparing for your first date, you get ready. You wanna feel your best. You wanna feel confident, whatever it is, you wanna feel ready, strong and confident going into something that can be a game changer, lifesaver for you. Right. So what does that look like inside of the body is some something we call mitochondria and maybe have you talked about this on your show at all before? Oh

(11:36): Yeah. We love mitochondria here, but you go right ahead and talk about whatever you want with mitochondria is super important.

(11:44): Yeah. And we can, you know, get, it can get really clinical and overwhelming and super scientific. And that's not how I like to talk. I like to talk like I'm talking to maybe an eight year old because it's, we have so much information to process these days. And the reason why so many have brain Fogg and neurological dysfunction and have a hard time conceptualizing or, or retaining information and turning it into wisdom and applying it is because we are so bogged down with toxicity, neurotoxins that end up in our brain and 65% or around there of your brain is fat. And the number one place that toxins go is into fat. Like they're in the brain.

(12:22): <laugh> I know most people don't realize that toxins love your brain. And one of the things that people are most afraid of is getting dementia second only to cancer. And they don't realize that the toxins. And I think it's the fact that you can't see them. And these statistics, like you said, 700 traces of 700 toxic chemicals in most adult humans on this planet. But most people, you can't feel it. It's not like that mercury that's floating around. You're like, oh I have mercury. Right? You might know that you're more sluggish. You're more tired. You're waking up in the middle of the night. You can't lose the extra few pounds that you've gained. Right? So you see it as these symptoms, but it's not linked directly to because your doctor's not telling you. And so you don't have this cognitive awareness of what these toxins are doing to you.

(13:16): And so what Diane and I are saying is you got to pull back the veil, that's covering your eyes and know that just cuz your doctor's not talking about it. You're not hearing about on the six o'clock news. You know, red alert, toxins are killing humans, causing cancer, causing dementia, accumulating in your brain. I'm so glad you're hearing us talk about it so that you know about it so that you are aware so that you can do something about it. And you know, I'm, I'm gonna end the episode by challenging you to do something about it. So, but first let's give you some more information <laugh>

(13:49): Yeah. I, and I love that. You just stated one of my favorite things to do is to, and I'm so happy that you're doing this as an MD. We need more of you. We need absolutely more of you Karen, to step up to this awareness and support patients with it. So it's more of a, a complete, comprehensive healing approach versus just here's a pill. And that's your only one thing. And that's what this six o'clock news will program, literally with the anchor anchoring into your mind, programming you with the program that talk to your doctor. Do you have this long list of symptoms, talk to your doctor, then you're gonna get diarrhea and death and dementia and disease weird. So it's the one thing, and this is singularity approach and it's not working. And it hasn't, unless there are people who are constantly watching and, and, and getting hypnotized by those.

(14:35): But I don't have eyes that are hypnotized. And I'm so glad that you don't and the people that you're influencing don't because you just said that very thing is getting into people's mind and going, you know what I'm thinking? You know what I fear now teach me how I can prevent this from manifesting, right? Because I say manifesting or a woman manifesting because we create a reality. We do create a disease. We are not victims of this. What we are victims of is this world that has so many chemicals and poisons that less than 2% of them have actually been tested and approved for safety. And every single year, there are several thousands more that are getting approved, that people are not aware of 2000 plus new chemicals are approved. And so this is why I say always be cleansing because it's not just about what's in your body. Now it's about what they're continuing, continuing to, to roll out and beauty products, personal care products, you know, there's a PTs and the pearls and all the things that people think are fine. And they're like, oh, dove, because it's on a beauty commercial, but yet dove is contains several toxic ingredients. However, they did a cue. He

(15:40): Looked so gentle on the commercial with the white dove and all the ladies look happy and you're being hypnotized. Y'all

(15:49): Brainwashed body washed beauty, washed all the washing, but it's really actually detoxifying. It's the opposite. It's upside down world. So whatever the TV says, do the opposite and it doesn't make your skin soft. The thing that I get frustrated by is that there is this thing called beauty wash. I called it, I call it beauty washing. I kind of coined these terms is I did not. My non-toxic beauty summit and wrote my book killer breast and my movie dying to be beautiful. And what I call it is, is beauty washing because these dove commercials, like you said, okay, skin, soft skin sat, you know, we're all smiling and happy and my teeth are super white. All of these are lies. They're all lies. And it's all, you know, they take average two hours to Photoshop. One picture in a magazine, just give us some, just thought two hours.

(16:35): We have all these filters on our phones. This is an unrealistic, we're going down a terrible path of what beauty isn't, it's, it's fake. It's a bunch of lies. And I don't know if you really wanna be a deceiver and a manipulator, but this is not how we, we can build beauty from the inside out of where I'm going with this. And then dove also did a study and found that 96% of women do not think they're beautiful and that yeah. And so we'll do all of these extreme things to buy our beauty. But what we're actually doing is we're cheating our temples and we're causing our body to be ugly on the inside. Bringing on a lot of these parasites that we'll get to today, detoxifying our temple. And then on the outside, our skin and hair only has toxins to build the fabric of our temple, right?

(17:26): So if a body cannot find a potassium, magnesium, calcium, all these minerals that comprise our beauty iron, it will use a heavy metal to build that. So then when you go on a detox, you start losing your hair and you're like, why am I losing my hair? The detox didn't work. No, it actually is. But if you're not draining well, which I'm gonna get to next. If you're not draining well, meaning you're not eliminating your toxins quickly enough, they will actually get forced through your skin and through your hair. And then you're gonna go, oh, my skin is terrible. My hair's falling out. I need to go buy some cream mm-hmm <affirmative> or lotions or pills. You you're gonna do extreme things like I did with like ACUTA, which is something they used and have been using for pancreatic chemo patients. How does that end up as a drug? And then it ends up as a skin, acne healer, but it's not a healer. It's a poisoner. So it's

(18:18): A poison. And, and I'm glad you brought that up because most people think, oh, I, I hear people say it all the time. I have acne. I have to go on the bird control pill and I might need Accutane. What am I, what most people don't realize is that your skin is an accessory detox organ. Like it didn't sign up for that. Your body didn't go. I'm gonna make skin so we can detox. No, you've got kidneys for that liver for that lungs, for that, it only kicks in with and starts trying to detox. They don't realize acne is your body trying to detox X eczema, psoriasis, all it's trying to push it out. Or like you said, losing your hair. So yes. Please talk about drainage.

(18:57): Yes, yes, yes, yes. Okay. So going back to my mitochondria, before you focus on drainage, we need to make sure that you're ready for this championship game known as detox. Detox is deeper than cleansing. So I can say you can always be cleansing, but you can do a bit more of a ritualistic routine detox and I'll get to that. Mm-hmm <affirmative> but mitochondria is the energy that your little cells make and you have trillions of them. They're all over your body. They're everywhere. And so a lot of people get into this reductionist at question of, well, how do I do this? And how do I do this? And they'll end up taking 20 plus pills a day, right? If you don't have mitochondrial health, you are not breaking down these high quality expensive, or maybe not expensive, but just any supplements. You're not breaking them down.

(19:42): And they end up just get getting backed up in your system. Especially if you don't have healthy drainage, which you won't, if you don't have healthy mitochondria production from your cells, that's what makes literally 90% of the energy that you get every day and that you need every day to do what your basic functions are. 90% comes from your mitochondria, which is ATP made in the cells. So your cells have to be healthy in order for you to be well and wealthy, cuz you can't be wealthy, whatever way you define it without being healthy. How do you have healthy cells? Well, I'll start by saying here's what not to do. Cuz I always talk about blockers and builders, blockers and builders. What are the things that are blocking sell health and what are the things that build sell health? Because everybody wants to ask a question, what do I do?

(20:32): What do I do? We have way too many of what do I do? We don't have enough of what do I undo? That's what detox truly is, is what do I undo? What do I stop doing in your life? That is depleting cells. And the one thing I will say about that and we can move on a drainage is that outside of your cell membrane is made of fat. The inside of your membrane is made of protein. So if you are not getting enough healthy fats and enough healthy proteins on a daily basis, you do not have healthy cells and fats, someone might say, oh, sunflower oil, SA flour oil. A lot of these things that you hear people read on a label that sound better than canola oil or better than vegetable oil or better than estrogen blocking soy oil, GMO, soy oil. These are all things that are very unhealthy oils.

(21:16): When people get smarter, they move onto the next green washing thing on the label. Now with sunflower oil. So you have this sunflowers yeah. Flowers and it's pretty and it's colorful. And that sounds healthy. I'm gonna tell you that that's not as healthy as things like omegas. The things that you can get from salmon and a healthy ratio of omega 360 9. That's probably beyond the show today of the topic, but just getting the idea that healthy oils, avocado oils, healthy, organic coconut oils. These are things that help build a healthy structure of the outside of the cell and then enough protein so that you can and, and ignite the inside of the cells. Why that's so important is healthy. Mitochondria. Not only give you energy, but here's how they do it. They push out the bad stuff from the cells, which a lot of them are trapped in when you don't have healthy cells.

(22:03): And then the good stuff can't get in. So all these healthy supplements, the vitamins, the hormones, the minerals, they can't get in the cells. So they end up just leaving the body. That's a very reductionist, simplistic state that is important to first, start with energy, make sure that you're ready for the championship game. Make sure that your mitochondria optimized, because those are the things that also communicate to your organs. Like your liver will take and filter the things that will be either fat soluble or water soluble. If they're fat soluble, they leave through the colon. If they're water soluble, they leave through your kidneys. So you poop them or pee them out, right? To speak to like an eight year old. And the thing that's important there is that your liver can only function as well. Is your mitochondria, AKA or cell energy. Powerhouses can communicate the liver to tell them, to let go of the toxins and to convert T4, to T3 for iodine molecules to three iodine molecules in the liver.

(22:58): 70% of that are so happens in the liver. So you, if you're not a liver, you're a dire. That's one of my favorite things to say to, I love that, right? And you've got to take care and love on your liver. So this, you can see here, why MI country is so important because it dictates the power and the consistency of drainage that starts in. Of course it goes through your toxins, go through your lymphatic system, go into the blood, go in the liver and then transport out through poop and pee or sweat or breath. Those are the four main elimination pathways. It could, if you're a woman, it will also come through your ovaries through your cycle. If you're still cycling, if you're over 40, you might not be. And then you also drain it through your hair too. So what I say is, if you really wanna maintain and build your beauty, also know that the better that you're taking care of your liver and your lymphatic system and your gallbladder and all of the elimination organs that are in, in this space between your thyroid down to your ovaries, the more that your body has building blocks to make healthy skin and healthy hair.

(24:10): So that's what drainage is. And I can talk a little bit more about how to do that if you'd like Dr. Karen, it's up to you. But I kind of just said a mouth wall on that too. So I'll let you interact.