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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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Why Whole Body Cleaning Is Essential And Here’s How

Have you ever wondered about the toxins that have been building up in your body and the effects they have on your overall health?

In this episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast, we interview Diane Kazer, a certified detox specialist, toxins expert, courage coach, and holistic beauty expert. She shares with us why whole body cleansing is essential and provides tips on how to get started.

In this episode, you'll learn:

  • The sobering statistics regarding toxicity in our environment and in our body

  • The ABCs of detoxing: what, when, where, how, and why

  • Simple tips to get started with whole body cleansing

  • Boosting your mitochondria for better health

  • And much more!

So tune in and learn how you can start feeling your best by detoxing your body!

(00:00): What kind of health are you woman affecting Diane Kazer?

(00:06): So the big question is how do women over 40, like us keep weight off, have great energy balance. Our hormones and our moods feel sexy and confident and master midlife. If you're like most of us, you are not getting the answers you need and remain confused and pretty hopeless to ever feel like yourself. Again. As an OB GYN, I had to discover for myself the truth about what creates a rock, solid metabolism, lasting weight loss, and supercharged energy. After 40 in order to lose a hundred pounds and fix my fatigue. Now I'm on a mission. This podcast is designed to share the natural tools you need for impactful results. And to give you clarity on the answers to your midlife metabolism challenges, join me for tangible natural strategies to crush the hormone imbalances you are facing and help you get unstuck from the sidelines of life. My name is Dr. Kyrin Dunston welcome to The Hormone Prescription Podcast.

(00:59): Hi, everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast my guest today. She is so creative and so passionate and has created so many programs to help women with their health. She's gonna talk to you about the ABCs of detox. She's gonna talk to you about some sobering statistics regarding toxicity in our environment and in our body, and really highlight for you the things that are currently poisoning you in your environment, but mostly tell you what to do about it. She's got actionable tips. So you wanna make sure to listen up. I'll tell you a little bit about her and then we'll get started. Diane Kazer is a pro soccer player turned functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner. She's a certified detox specialist, toxins expert, courage coach, and holistic beauty expert. Diane had many challenging health conditions and has built recovery protocols to successfully overcome them.

(01:58): With this experience. She's helped thousands of clients around the world as their last resort from failed attempts at everything she created, the cleanse heal like night holistic health Institute and warrior detox programs. She certifies coaches and teaching, teaches clients to activate their intuition, to self-heal, empowering them with lifelong tools to reverse autoimmune disease, breast implant illness, hormonal imbalances, chronic pain, gut infections, emotional trauma, and perfectionism through functional medicine labs, custom detox and mastering mindset. She's the author of killer breast, creator of the ex plant solution, producer of the nontoxic beauty summit and the Ionics 10 part dying to be beautiful. Docu-series her mission is to inspire you to embrace your natural beauty and God-given gifts. Shedding the S H I that releases you to live your best life with love, laughter and liberation. Diane will not let you fail. Welcome Diane to the podcast. Thank

(03:05): You so much for having me, Dr. Karen, great to be with you.

(03:08): Yes. Super excited to have you here and talk about all the things related to why a cleansing of your whole body is essential to vitality over 40. What made you become so passionate about this particular topic for women over 40?

(03:27): Yeah. Thanks for the question. I think one of the things that I hear so much and part of what I believed, because it's all that I knew or heard is that you aged, you get older, it's just nothing you can do about it. You're destined to the genetics that you were provided. There's nothing you can do other than take HRT or biodentical hormones. And what that looks like from there is all downhill. It's all downhill after 40, and that you need to take hormone replacement therapy. And that's all that there is. And that you're kind of destined to your sleeping nine hours at night and a little bit of weight gain that won't go away just because you're simply aging and what I've learned as a functional diagnostic nutrition practitioner and working with a lot of women of all ages, of course, a lot of them over 40 at this point, I'm 44 almost is that the toxins are such a big drain to aging.

(04:19): They are such a big drain to the beauty blocks and beauty builders that I call like parasites also robbing us of nutrients. And these are the things that are building blocks to provide beauty, energy and immunity that we're after. And so there's not just a silver bullet. And for me, it was a lot of different toxins like breast and plants, a lot of birth control over the years, not having my period for seven, eight years. And this is a lot of wo