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12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired At Midlife

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Your Pressing Hormone Q and A

Your Pressing Hormone Q and A

When you hit that dreaded midlife, hormonal transition or menopause, moodiness constantly runs rampant in your body. You constantly feel like you're losing control. Then one day out of the blue, I got this email from a listener who was feeling quite hopeless when she suddenly realized it wasn't just her in this situation.

We live in a world where we can easily get in touch with people to share our vulnerabilities in hopes they will understand and help give us resources to fall back on.

Well here at The Hormone Prescription Podcast, we don't aim to only educate but also inspire you to take action by sharing personal stories that I think could resonate with you too! So today, I wanted to answer your hormone pressing questions, especially if you're not sure what's appropriate for you!

You’ll learn:

  • How to formulate empowering and transformative questions, so you will get the best answers.

  • How to treat and uncover the root causes of hormonal imbalances symptoms

  • How often should you be checking your hormone levels

  • HRT & progesterone pills side effects

  • And more!

[02:41] You've got health symptoms and you want answers and that's why we added the Q and a, but I want to make sure that you are formulating your questions in a way that's going to give you the best answers.

[04:37] A possibility is what can transform your health into something else. So if you don't ask that transformative question, you don't get informed. You don't get transformed. So to ask the right question is harder than to answer it.

[05:39] But a great question is what's causing the symptom and what test do I need to uncover the root cause of this problem?

[07:35] How often should you be checking your hormone levels?

[09:12] I do not believe we were created to use chemicals to solve any of our life changing situations. God planned ahead for our wellness at creation.

[10:02] I began the progesterone pills this past Friday evening. I wake up with a horrible headache, anyone else?

[10:58] I think that a lot of times when we're doing certain holistic remedies, whether it's bioidentical hormones or supplements, we get ideas in our heads about causation. And there's such a thing as correlation versus causation.

[11:52] And so symptoms are its way of speaking to us and telling us when I have a headache, something's wrong in my head, I have inflammation.

[12:38] And when you're changing so many things at once, it's sometimes hard to discern and Unie the threads and knots of your health as to what's causing a problem.

[14:28] And around the same time she started taking the progesterone and she decided that it was the progesterone that was stopping her from sleeping. Well, well, this is why you gotta ask empowered questions because more likely it was that she, her, her melatonin was high because she was taking melatonin and it's not harmful to have a high melatonin on your Dutch test.

[17:17] And if you are getting headaches and you're taking progesterone capsules, I would look into what other additives are in that progesterone capsule, like peanut oil.

[18:16] That's my goal for you this year is that you go more deeply into learning how to be your own, how health detective, your own sleuth, and really learn how to listen powerfully to what your body is telling you.

[19:11] And again, if you're someone who'd like to volunteer to do an on-air consultation for free to demonstrate to others what it is like and what insight can be garnered by looking from a root cause resolution approach. Please leave me that message here as well.

I hope you’ve found some answers to your hormone questions, or at least that these stories have given you new perspectives on how it feels to be a woman in the midst of hormonal changes. If there are topics we haven’t touched on yet, don'