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Tummy Trouble

Is this you?


  • You’re uncomfortable. You’re gassy and your stomach aches. No amount of Tums or Pepto Bismol seems to help. You lie in bed tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable.

  • You’re embarrassed. Constantly feeling worried about gas and loose or urgent stools, you never quite know when disaster will strike. You frequently excuse yourself to go to the bathroom at social gatherings, and sometimes you avoid them all together because you don’t feel well enough to go out.

  • You are frustrated. You can’t figure out what the trigger is or why your stomach is doing this to you. You’re often afraid to eat because the only time you feel OK is when you don’t eat anything at all. Your doctor treats you with various drugs to quell your symptoms and says your bowel is irritable, but you’re really not satisfied with that answer because you know that irritable anything is just a symptom of an underlying disturbance that needs to be addressed.

  • You’re worried. Are you going to be this way the rest of your life?


Don’t worry. I can help you! I know how you feel. I have struggled with irritable bowels and other tummy troubles in my life so much so that I have visited my fair share of gastroenterologists. Much to my dismay, nothing helped solve my problems.


It wasn’t until I discovered and addressed the root causes of these issues that I began to finally experience healing.


Now, I’ve helped hundreds of clients gain clarity on exactly why their tummy misbehaves the way it does, but more importantly, I helped them gain a permanent peace treaty with their angry, upset stomachs.


The truth is inflammation and nutrition deficiency are often contributors when it comes to tummy troubles. The key to well-functioning bowels can be found in addressing the root causes of your issues. To do this, you have to take a good look at the four pillars of health. They are:

  • Hormone Balance

  • Toxicity

  • Nutrition Deficiency

  • Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Balance


When you work with me, we will take a deep dive into each of these four factors and get to the bottom of why your tummy is bothering you, and how to fix it.


Ready to feel normal again?


Start by taking the Brilliant Health Assessment and find out what’s at the root of your health issues.

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