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Weight Gain

Is this you?


  • You are frustrated. You’ve tried Nutrisystem, Weight Watchers, fasting, other weight loss programs, exercise, removing fat or sugar from your diet, yet nothing seems to quite be doing what it should. Maybe you had some success and lost a few pounds, but later it all came back. Maybe you can’t lose any weight at all and you’re scratching your head trying to figure out what the problem could possibly be.

  • You feel hopeless. You’ve gone to the doctor who just blames aging, but you’re struggling to believe that’s true. You see others aging who haven’t gained weight and know that’s not to blame. You’ve checked your thyroid, but the tests say it’s “normal”.  You’ve scoured the internet for other answers, but nothing seems to make sense.

  • You never know what to wear. You suffer from daily doses of “closet drama”. Your clothes don’t fit, you struggle to pick outfits, and you feel like nothing looks good on you. That muffin top in the mirror has kicked you hard, right in the self-esteem.

  • You’re embarrassed. Sometimes you even refuse social invitations because you’re upset about the way you look.

  • You’re exhausted. The extra weight you’re carrying is decreasing your energy and you just want to get it off and get on with your life.


Don’t worry. I can help you! My story is a lot like yours. I used to weigh 243 lbs. and suffered for a long time from these same problems. I tried everything I knew to do as a Board Certified MD to lose the weight including diet pills and exercising a lot. After all, I bought into the belief that your weight equals calories in minus calories out, right?


But nothing worked!...  


Until I realized that the body is not a bank account and that calories in minus calories out is not the only equation when it comes to weight loss. The truth is that there are many other inputs involved that determine how calories are treated by your body and whether or not they are held onto or released.


The key to solving your weight problem can be found in addressing the root causes of the issue that determine how calories are handled in your body.


To do this, you have to take a good look at the four pillars of health.

They are:


  • Hormone Balance

  • Toxicity

  • Nutritional Deficiency

  • Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Balance


When it comes to weight gain, each one of the four pillars is usually affected, so a comprehensive approach that addresses all of them is a necessity. Neglecting one pillar when it comes to weight loss can get you some results, but ultimately, when I see people who have worked exclusively from the “bank account” paradigm (eat less, exercise more), there comes a point when there’s no success to be had.. It’s not age that causes weight gain, it’s that the disruptions in the pillars occur over time and are cumulative so that the older you get, the more disruptions you have. When you reach the tipping point, you continue to gain weight and have serious difficulty in forcing weight loss - even by starving yourself.


This is why obese people who undergo gastric bypass often gain the weight back over time. They have lost weight by starving themselves and have done nothing to rectify the imbalances in the four pillars. They have a huge toxic load in their bodies and severe nutritional deficiencies,  both of which necessitate fat which accumulates and stores toxins all over again.


Additionally, 80% of women I see with a weight loss problem who tell me their doctor already checked their thyroid and it was “normal” actually do have low functioning thyroid. When the correct tests, the diagnosis reveals itself.


If you are trying to lose weight without addressing the four pillars you are doing it the HARD way, like pushing water uphill.


When you work with me, we will take a deep dive into each of these four factors and get to the bottom of why that stubborn fat just won’t shed, plus what you can do to fix it. It’s amazing how easily the weight comes off when you address the underlying imbalances and recouple calories in and calories out to your metabolism.


Ready to actually lose weight and feel good about yourself again?


Your body is NOT a bank account.

Discover what’s really hindering your metabolism.


If you’re here, you’re probably thinking that the reason your body hangs onto to weight is because of something you’re doing wrong.


You are constantly bombarded with all the weight loss and health trends out there, and you feel like you’ve tried them all to no avail.


Listen, I’ve got a secret…


It’s not your fault that you’re struggling to lose weight!


Calories in - calories out is not the answer.


In less than 2 minutes, you’ll discover:


  • Why you feel the way you do

  • What’s keeping you from losing weight

  • What steps you can take to fix it


Ready to feel like yourself again?


Start by taking the Brilliant Health Assessment and find out what’s at the root of your health issues.

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