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Why Our Method Works When Everything Else Has Failed


We get you because we’ve been where you are. We know you are tired of trying to figure everything out on your own and failing repeatedly. We lovingly support you as you take the steps to get unstuck and hold your hand through the process so that you can achieve the vitality that’s possible for you and get on with creating the life that you deserve


We are not afraid to call you on your #%*&! and to hold you accountable. Our highly qualified and experienced team of professional experts will support you with compassion, honesty and rigor as you embark on one of the most important and fulfilling adventures of your life.


Our process is backed by the latest and most progressive research. Our clients create profound shifts in their hormone balance and health that ultimately results not only in a new physiology creating increased fat burning, energy genesis and healing but also in having the skills necessary to establish vitality and maintain it.


We only accept clients who we feel we can truly help and who are courageous, committed, and coachable.



The Midlife Metabolism Rescue (“MMR”) is a 12 week process that helps you reveal and finally correct the blocks in the seven main metabolic hormones that have been keeping you from losing weight, regaining energy and experiencing the vitality that is possible for you.

Unlike the typical “pill for every ill” symptom suppression medical model you are used to, our process digs into the dirt surrounding the roots of your hormonal balance and gets at the causes of the dysfunction...shining a light on previously hidden blocks so that you can make life-altering changes in your body’s hormonal regulation and health. You will rewire your hormonal pathways, heal destructive patterns and learn a new way to live. Our proprietary system will enable you to step into your authentic, balanced hormonal self so that you can effectively burn fat and turn it into energy for your body to fuel everything it wants to do for you: Heal, play, work, love and enjoy your life.


  • You are courageous and committed to having great health and a meaningful and authentic life, and are willing to take personal responsibility for creating the health and life you love.

  • You are a truth seeker and want to understand how your hormones and health function, why your health is the way it is and the path forward. Our programs are ‘PhD;’ level programs and require that you have an interest in investing your time in your health development journey.

  • High achieving women who are financially secure, and health is the one piece of their life that does not line up with the rest of their life.


You will set specific, measurable goals to achieve during the twelve week process and our team will work closely with you to ensure you are hitting the milestones and achieving the breakthroughs necessary to achieve those goals.

In this process you will:

  • Get clear on a conscious level why nothing else has worked so that you can balance your hormones and form the foundation of excellent health.

  • Uncover what all other programs are missing: Where the seven main metabolic hormones are unbalanced and actually blocking you from burning fat, creating energy, healing and creating vitality.

  • Let go of past hormonal programming keeping your hormones unbalanced so that you can trigger natural, flowing chemistry for your hormones and health to flourish.

  • Resolve hormonal mistakes, so that you can have consistent, forward moving hormone flow moving you in the right direction towards vitality.

  • Redefine your new hormonal blueprint for a healthier and more vivacious self and install real, deep-seated confidence so that excellent health can’t help but outpicture.

  • Stop doing mental gymnastics trying to think your way out of hormonal imbalance with Dr. Google and every latest diet or supplement fad and just know the path forward and consistently walk on it towards better health.

  • Learn how to be flexible and intuitive so that you consistently can course correct on your hormonal journey and not get off track or quickly get back on when you misstep.​

  • Discover how to get what you want from your hormones using diet, lifestyle and supplements during and after the balancing process so that you get to choose the health results that you want going forward.

  • Learn how to set and keep healthy hormone balance so you can create a supercharged metabolism at every age.

  • Feel hormonally safe so it’s safe to live your life authentically and supported by the power of your hormones.​

  • Feel comfortable being yourself without fear of hormone imbalance so you can go through each day with ease and grace.

  • Know what to do when hormones do get out of balance so that you can reach equanimity quickly and be restored to homeostasis.

  • Get clear on what you really want for your health outcomes based on new possibilities revealed when your hormones balance and then launch yourself in your life so that you can fulfill the health desires of your heart once and for all (continued support for this is available).


Midlife Metabolism Mastery


In Midlife Metabolism Mastery (“MMM”) we support clients in the process from foundational hormone balancing to gut rehabilitation, whole body detoxification, nutrification, oxidative stress reduction and energy body balancing through to accessing all healing modalities available to create brilliant health over 40 including tools to reverse aging and promote vitality so that our clients sustain deep and meaningful hormonal wealth and vitality and actually improve their health as they age.

We also work with our clients to master and implement advanced skills in biohacking, metabolism optimization, neuroplasticity and more to create a meaningful life in the areas of health, relationships, purpose and work.


Those who have completed our “Midlife Metabolism Rescue” process and want ongoing coaching, tools, and support to create optimal health where they are living their best life. ​The women who work with us in MMM want to make sure they capitalize on each of the opportunities to address all of the root causes of disease and dysfunction at midlife including:​

  • Hormone Balance

  • Detoxification

  • Gut Rehabilitation

  • Mitochondrial Healing & Oxidative Stress

  • DNA maximization

We help them build and create their new health that is in alignment with their fully optimized body systems, so that the health they experience allows them to live the life life that reflects their true heart’s desire


Women completing our MMM program report markedly improved health satisfaction, improved measures of body composition, weight, measurements and energy, decreased inflammation and toxicity, a greater sense of confidence in navigating their health journey going forward, improved relationships, job performance and satisfaction and joy in life.

Many MMM graduates continue to become Certified Health Coaches and assist other women with the powerful tools they have acquired.

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