GET THIS>>> 12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired at Midlife

GET THIS!>>> 12 Foods Keeping You Overweight & Tired at Midlife

Slay Midlife

Claim Your Brilliant Health.

Unlock the hidden causes keeping

you stuck...


Slay Midlife

Claim Your Brilliant Health.

Unlock the hidden causes keeping

you stuck...



You’re a smart, successful woman who seems to have her life together, but there’s one thing you keep struggling with; your health...

You can’t seem to lose the weight or get in the shape that you want to... you’ve failed all the diet & exercise programs and you blame yourself...

You’re tired and it’s a struggle to get through the day sometimes... caffeine to wake you up and wine to calm you down have become your best friends...

Then you can’t fall asleep or you wake up for no reason and toss and turn all night only to do it all again the next day...

You’re irritable and snap at people...sometimes even anxious or depressed for no apparent reason...your doctor gave you medication but you you just don’t feel like yourself...

And the intimacy with your partner has become a distant memory that you’ve given up on and it’s the elephant in the room that no one’s talking’ve been told “that’s normal for your age”...

Your focus and memory are lagging and you’re finding it harder and harder to complete things on your endless To-Do’ve lost your’ve lost your joy in life

​So you keep asking yourself...

“Why am I suffering like this?”

And it leads you down the never-ending rabbit hole of...

"Why can’t I just lose the weight? Then everything will be OK."

"I can’t wait until retirement, then I’ll have the time to get my health right"...

"Why can’t I find the right diet, supplement, exercise program or doctor to fix me?"

You see other women thriving at midlife, full of brilliance, energy & joy...

and eventually you wonder...

“What’s wrong with me?”

It’s the ONE piece of the puzzle you can’t figure out.

And without realizing it, life is passing you by.

Whether you’ve tried talking to your doctor and been dismissed, taken fistfuls of prescription medications, searched on Google, summits & podcasts to find the answers...or turned to your friends for help, it’s led you to failure and helplessness to ever be your best self again.

Furthermore, you’re tired. Tired of being the one who has to figure it all out by herself. You know that doctors are supposed to have all the health answers you need but you’ve been dismissed and told these things are normal for your age and given no answers as to why you feel this way and no solutions for how to change your health and your life.

You’ve given up on your dreams for being the Mom you always wanted to be, the partner you long to be, going back to school, starting that business, checking off your bucket list travel adventures, having the fulfilling relationships that you crave and living your life full out. Not to mention worried you may never regain the excellent health that you once enjoyed and dream of having again.


You’ve gone to traditional doctors, acupuncturists and even naturopaths, health coaches and trainers to uncover the cause of your health problems. You’ve paid for expensive tests and not been given clear understanding or a path forward through your difficulties.

You’ve tried every eating program including keto, paleo, vegetarian or even vegan and carnivore. You’ve cut out gluten and other foods you heard could be the problem but to no avail. You’ve even given up and tried to find ‘peace’ by going back to your HMO doctor...but no matter how hard you try, you know that a life without great health is not the life you’re meant to live.

The Midlife Metabolism Institute takes you through a duplicatable, repeatable process that reveals the root cause that’s keeping your health stuck.

Then we heal it using a research based, proprietary and holistic system that’s education and implementation based and incorporates the most advanced hormone and metabolic testing available so you can heal the causes of your health problems and experience weight loss, great energy, mental and emotional clarity, feel sexy and confident, look great and master midlife.


  • Identify and resolve the root cause functional patterns that keep you from having healthy system function, including hormones and more, so that you can build an optimally healthy body to last a lifetime and have it support you in doing all the great things that you want to do in life.

  • Gracefully let go of ineffective, costly strategies that aren’t working and move naturally into science based, proven strategies that heal you down to the cellular level so that you can’t help but achieve your health goals once and for all.

  • Improve your ability to navigate your health journey as you age so that you don’t fall into the same pitfalls again and can steer to the brilliant health and meaningful life that your heart longs for.

Check out the extraordinary results our clients have experienced with us. And when you’re ready, join our training here:


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Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind | Dr. Ameet Aggarwal

Heal Your Body Cure Your Mind

September 05, 202344 min read

Welcome to the latest episode of the Hormone Prescription Podcast, where we have the pleasure of hosting Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, a renowned naturopathic doctor and a global authority in holistic medicine. As one of the top 43 naturopathic doctors worldwide, Dr. Ameet has transformed the lives of thousands of people by helping them find relief from trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic disease.
In this insightful conversation, Dr. Ameet reveals his secrets to healing both the mind and body for faster, long-lasting relief from burnout, anxiety, depression, chronic disease, and trauma - truly enlightening for any midlife woman seeking to improve her mental and physical health.

Episode Highlights:

- Holistic Medicine: Dr. Ameet shares his experience in combining holistic medicine, psychotherapy, homeopathy, and emotional healing for optimal overall health.

- Healing from Burnout: Discover practical tips and insights on how to recognize and address burnout in your daily life, and find the balance necessary for improved mental and physical wellbeing.

- Resources: Learn about Dr. Ameet's free holistic medicine online course and his highly informative books, all available on his website ( for those wanting to dive deeper into the world of holistic healing.
This episode is an absolute must-listen for midlife women eager to dive deeper into the world of holistic healing and take actionable steps to improve their mental and physical health. Dr. Ameet's approach to wellbeing is a powerful force for healing and empowerment – don't miss out!


Speaker 1 (00:00):

Healing has an aspect of letting go of the perceived self so that the true self can emerge. Dr. Ameet Aggarwal. Stay tuned and find out how to heal and access your true self so you can live your best life.

Speaker 2 (00:16):

So the big question is, how do women over 40 like us, keep weight off, have great energy, balance our hormones and our moods, feel sexy and confident, and master midlife. If you're like most of us, you are not getting the answers you need and remain confused and pretty hopeless to ever feel like yourself Again. As an OB G Y N I had to discover for myself the truth about what creates a rock solid metabolism, lasting weight loss, and supercharged energy after 40, in order to lose a hundred pounds and fix my fatigue, now I'm on a mission. This podcast is designed to share the natural tools you need for impactful results and to give you clarity on the answers to your midlife metabolism challenges. Join me for tangible, natural strategies to crush the hormone imbalances you are facing and help you get unstuck from the sidelines of life. My name is Dr. Kieran Dunston. Welcome to the Hormone Prescription Podcast.

Speaker 1 (01:10):

Hi everybody. Welcome back to another episode of The Hormone Prescription with Dr. Kyrin. I hope you're having a great day. Thank you so much for joining me today as we dive in with Dr. Ameet Aggarwal on how to heal 360 degrees. Not only your physical health, but your mental and emotional health, your nervous system. You're gonna love this doctor as much as I do because he really takes a holistic view of healing. A lot of doctors say that they do, but when you get down to it, they don't. And he really does. He gets it. He shares his journey from growing up, basically being beaten by adults as a child, and how that was really normalized in his culture. So he didn't think that that was a part of his health and healing journey. But after becoming a naturopath, his journey unfolded to show him that there's so much more to healing than just the physical aspects like hormones and gut health and all the things that we talk about mitochondrial health.

Speaker 1 (02:14):

And that's been part of my journey too, which I share a little bit of in this episode as well. So if you're missing these components, and if you're thinking, oh, that's not me. I didn't have trauma, I wasn't beaten. Really about 90% of us are affected by trauma in forms of relational trauma where our needs aren't met for nurturing care and support as children. And that affects our health and it directly impacts our hormones, particularly our cortisol, which, you know, I call her queen cortisol. So when the queen's not happy, she takes everything down right off with their heads. That's a mean queen. And you want a happy queen cortisol so that she supports you in feeling great, being physically healthy and living your best life so that you can have hormonal prosperity and do all the things that that allows you to access, like traveling the world or having a new career or hobby or improving your relationships.

Speaker 1 (03:15):

And that's what makes life fulfilling and worth living. He also talks about this quote I shared in the teaser. What is this idea of letting go of your perceived self so that your true self can emerge? If that's quizzical to you, you're gonna wanna stay tuned and so much more. So I'll tell you a little bit about him and then we'll get started. He's voted one of the top 43 naturopathic doctors worldwide and he's helped thousands of people around the world heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and chronic disease by combining holistic medicine, psychotherapy, homeopathy, and emotional healing. So if you want faster relief from burnout, anxiety, depression, chronic disease and trauma, by healing your mind and body together and listening to his journey and his teachings, I think you're going to find it very valuable. Please help me welcome Dr. Ameet to the show.

Speaker 3 (04:07):

Thank you, Kyrin. Really excited to dive into looking at how liver trauma, gut health, homeopathy, family constellations, and all these energetic therapies can balance our hormones and improve overall mental and physical wellbeing.

Speaker 1 (04:22):

Yes, so important. And as a physician coming from a traditional medical background, I came at these topics kind of in a different way than some other people maybe, where it was all about the physical and it was all biomechanics and physiology and it was a very newtonian view of the body, right? Medications and surgery. And you know, it's funny, I, I grew up with this very holistic mother in New York City and she used to give my sister and me golden seal and echinacea when we were sick and make us sweat out fevers. And none of our friends did that. So we thought she was weird and crazy. And then I went off to medical school 'cause I knew I wanted to work with women, helping them to heal. And I looked around and I said, well, what's the biggest toolbox I can get to help women?

Speaker 1 (05:13):

And I said, well, I'll get my medical doctorate. That's the biggest toolbox. But it wasn't only until my health faltered in the forties and that solution provided no answers, that I really started becoming disillusioned and saying, wow, do I, we really know anything about healing women or people in medicine because all the women at midlife were having the same problems and just circling the drain. Like I was at 243 pounds with myriad health problems. And then I found functional medicine, which really did help me heal a lot of my physical fatality, lose the weight, get off the prescription medications, and addressed a lot of that. And I thought I had found all the answers, but oh no, wait, there's more <laugh>. Right? And then that brought me to the emotional healing, the energy healing, the energy work. And I find that's the missing piece for a lot of people. And they're not necessarily used to hearing about that from a traditional doctor. So what I love about what you do is that you bring all of that right up front and say, Hey, you wanna heal. These are all the things that you need to look at. How did you come to have such a global, balanced, deep approach to healing and health?

Speaker 3 (06:34):

Well, the thing is, a lot of women make a mistake of only taking hormonal remedies for their hormones. Or even if they're taking natural remedies, they take natural remedies to control symptoms, right? Whether they can kamyl to relax or only GABA for anxiety or agne castus or some D I m or I three C to balance hormones and they're missing the root cause. So in my journey for health suffering from anxiety, depression, skin issues, gut health issues, the whole thing, as well as a lot of childhood trauma, and I'll talk about how to heal childhood trauma with family constellations, E M D R and homeopathy. But through my journey, I realized there's, we have five pillars of health, right? And most women need to know this because when we heal, the five pillars of health, anxiety, depression, hormones, weight, skin issues, arthritis, all these start getting better.

Speaker 3 (07:26):

These five pillars are gut health, which many people are familiar with, right? And then there's liver health, liver detox. Most people ignore the liver and the liver's, the master control of hormones, not the ovaries or not the testes, right? The liver is the major metabolizer of hormones and also affects your gut health. And I'm gonna show how everything is interconnected. So when you start healing your liver in using some of the best remedies I wanna mention today, then everything will come more into balance and you'll need less supplements over time. Then the other pillar is your adrenal system, right? Adrenal glands make adrenaline, cortisol, they balance your hormones, they help with hormone conversions, and they also manage your fight, flight or freeze response in response to trauma. Okay? And help you survive trauma. And they also respond to chronic inflammation. So they burn out very fast if somebody is excessively traumatized, overly stressed or overly inflamed.

Speaker 3 (08:21):

And I'm gonna teach you how to basically heal inflammation, heal your gut, detoxify your liver release trauma as well, so your adrenal glands are stronger and therefore you have more hormonal balance. Then another pillar is healing emotional trauma and lifestyle issues. These are the simple traumas from childhood, whether it's physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or abandonment or small traumas. You know, mom disappearing for a while or mom and dad arguing or just being left alone too long at boarding school or a normal school. There's multiple little teas that go out. Go on out there, right? Our nervous system is affected by the nervous system of our caregivers, right? Energetically, we don't realize that it's not only the traumas that happen to us, but the nervous system of our caregivers modulates or regulates our own nervous system. And that's very important to look at. Then the fifth pillar I love talking about in healing with clients and also the retreats we do here in Africa and in Europe is healing ancestral trauma using family constellations therapy, right?

Speaker 3 (09:18):

So looking at has there been miscarriages and abortions in the family, secret lovers, murders, abandonments traumas to your grandparents, great-grandparents. 'cause We basically inherit these traumas from our ancestors and from our parents. And if we don't include miscarriages and abortions, then these basically missing children get manifested or represented by us, the siblings, the surviving siblings and children in symptoms such as O C D, anxiety, depression, and physical symptoms as well. Okay. So let's start with the basics. Let's talk about how to heal all these pillars and how everything is interconnected with hormones, mental health, physical health, and chronic disease. Right?

Speaker 1 (09:59):

Well, before we do that, I do wanna do that, but how did you get, personally, I wanna know personally, how did you get all this understanding? I just, it's rare that I find somebody who has this breadth and depth of understanding. So in your journey, can you just share with everyone what the unfolding was? I think it helps them Okay. To really understand. Yeah. <laugh>.

Speaker 3 (10:25):

Okay. So I grew up in boarding school and felt quite abandoned. And then I grew up in local schools as well where we were beaten normal. That beating was normal. So to be hit by a cane for, I don't know, being late for school or getting your thumbs wrong or just 'cause the teacher was not in a good mood. And so I got picked on a lot by teachers. So I grew up with a lot of insecurity and then boarding school didn't help feeling really let down by my parents. So not trusting anymore in my, in a consistent caregiver caregiving presence. Like I love my parents to bits of course, but something altered in my nervous system based on the abandonment. And people have to recognize that there's a subtle alteration that goes on when you're a child and something happens. Okay? It doesn't have to be a major trauma.

Speaker 3 (11:09):

And of course you grew up eating junk food, right? Coca-Cola burgers, whatever it may be. So, you know, I typically had the gut issues, a bit of gas, bloating, diarrhea, inconsistent stool, acne, fatigue, anxiety, depression, you name it. And during university I did a lot of drugs. You know, every single drug you can think about under the sun, <laugh>, literally. And so I did my work through life and then came across naturopathic medicine. And in naturopathic medicine, that's where I came across the importance of diet, first of all. And then healing the gut with probiotics, vitamin D glutamine, and other supplements I talk about in my online course, which we'll share later. By healing the gut, I realized inflammation was reducing my body. And because basically when you have a leaky gut or a healthy gut, toxins leak into the bloodstream and cause inflammation everywhere in the body leading to asthma, eczema, arthritis, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, et cetera.

Speaker 3 (12:08):

And then through my journey, I also started studying gestalt psychotherapy and trauma therapies. So I went through a lot of healing for childhood traumas, right? And low self-esteem issues, mental issues that were affecting my mood and my personality. I thought it was just my personality to be fearful or anxious and uncertain about myself. And then it came up that these were caused by the way I was brought up, the things that happened to me, the way I adjusted myself based on the threat during childhood. And when I healed these wounds and felt contact and love and communication from a therapist, from the group therapies that I went to, my confidence grew, my emotional resilience grew. I burnt out less. I was much more powerful in my school environment. So in naturopathic college, I burnt out less. I was a higher performer because I had released entanglements and wounds that were using up my energy and exhausted my adrenal system, right?

Speaker 3 (13:06):

So I found the importance, I saw the importance of healing emotional wounds using therapy. And I also started healing emotional wounds using homeopathy. And we'll talk about ho homeopathy and energetic medicine can release childhood trauma and also heal your mood much faster than using psychotherapy alone. All right? See what happens when you're traumatized as a child, these traumas stay in your nervous system and your nervous system is stuck in a fight, flight or freeze response based on these experiences. And then as an adult, when you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, your adrenal glands and your nervous system again going to fight, flight or freeze. Additionally though, these old wounds from childhood are also triggered, right? So you go into more fight, flight or freeze, these get re-triggered. So your nervous system is in, is basically is exhausted and overwhelmed from a combination of childhood stress and adult stress.

Speaker 3 (13:59):

And most people walk around, you know, thinking they're over a childhood trauma, but their body keeps the score, which is the title of a famous book out there. The body stays with this trauma and then everyday stress retriggers that trauma and that exhausts your adrenal glands. And when your adrenal glands are exhausted, you're going into cortisol imbalance, right? 'cause Your adrenal glands produce cortisol in a nice rhythm. When you have a cortisol imbalance that throws off your conversion of your conversion of basically basic hormone molecules into estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. So right away you go into hormonal imbalances. When you have hormonal imbalances and, and also cortisol imbalances. So your feel good neurotransmitters, your brain chemicals start dropping that serotonin, dopamine, gaba, melatonin, all these start going down. And then you have more anxiety, depression, insomnia, O C D symptoms as well. And chronic fatigue and burnout and a sense of overwhelm from any new things that you need to do in life.

Speaker 3 (14:58):

So you get stuck in routines and you're afraid of trying new things because your body's looking for safety and consistency. It's not necessarily your personality. It's literally burnout and cortisol excess and the inability to make new brain connections, nerve connections in your brain. So that ability is known as neuroplasticity. And basically the ability for to have neuroplasticity diminishes as we become more inflamed from leaky gut and more cortisol imbalanced from a combination of leaky gut inflammation as well as chronic stress throwing o off our cortisol levels. And so combining psychotherapy and naturopathic medicine showed me the importance of healing the body and the mind. And then healing the liver is something I just came across, or I don't know, it downloaded into my conscience the importance of liver health. Not many people were talking about healing the liver. And I discovered, I mean it's, it's already there in traditional Chinese medicine that livers the master organ controls hormones, produces beautiful bile.

Speaker 3 (15:59):

Yeah, bile juice for digestion and also helps move your bowels. So people who are constipated often have a bile, lack of bile flow. And they're taking laxatives, they're taking magnesium, taking stool softeners, but they're not healing their liver. That's a big mistake. But when you heal your liver, then more bile flows and bile is a lubricant for your stool. And bile improves peristalsis, the motility of our intestines, which also helps with bowel movements. And also bile is, it helps with digestion. So if you have low bile flow, you'll get more gas, bloating, constipation, heartburn as well because bile affects the way your stomach produces acid or your liver affects the way your stomach produces acid. Then the other thing is when your liver is stagnant, because your liver controls hormones when your liver is stagnant, right? Right. With too many toxins, too much alcohol. Too much pesticides.

Speaker 3 (16:47):

Too much inflammation as well from leaky gut or even the birth control pill, too much coffee, sugar, et cetera. And then we go into hormonal imbalance. So you'll get breast tenderness. Yeah. maybe some fibrocystic breasts or nodules, ovarian cysts, endometriosis. Right. Clotting and cramping during menses. All these P M s symptoms, you can see yeah. Are due to usually low progesterone levels and high estrogen levels, which comes from liver stagnation. And then the gas and the loading are also because of poor flow. So you can see, and the mood swings are, because usually a low progesterone means that gaba the anti-anxiety neurotransmitter doesn't work so well in the brain. Okay. this is a mouthful, but there's free videos on my website that'll walk you through healing the gut liver adrenals and emotional healing. And you can watch those at your own time. So basically when the, you can see how your p m S symptoms come with basically female issues like cramping, clotting, breast tenderness, as well as digestive issues like the gas floating constipation or diarrhea, as well as mood issues, anxiety, insomnia, and depression, maybe irritability. Right. And in Chinese medicine, irritability is connected to stagnant liver as well. Right. So if your liver is very stagnant, you're gonna get angry, easily aggressive. And that's the excessive <crosstalk>. You

Speaker 1 (18:09):

It's so true. And that's actually a part of my story. So I did all that functional medicine work, but I would, I was so angry for no reason, like over out of proportion to the situation. And I didn't realize one, it had to do with liver, but my acupuncturist taught me about that. And then also that the power of, now, I can't think of his name right now. Ecker

Speaker 3 (18:32):


Speaker 1 (18:32):

Ecker Tolle, he says, you know, the anger is in you and it, and it's that stored emotion from childhood trauma. And so, and I, I wanna talk about liver and all these other things, the physical things. But I, like I said, what's so unique that you offer is talking about all these other things. And so I find that the women I work with, they don't think they're traumatized. And that was me. Right. I knew my family was, we used to say, let's put the fun back in dysfunctional. You know, we had a dysfunctional family and we would laugh about it, but I didn't know until I knew when I got older. And I actually saw this post by Patrick Han, who's a wonderful therapist who helps people with childhood trauma online. And he had this post actually today, how bad it was won't hit home until you hear a safe person's reaction to your story.

Speaker 1 (19:27):

And it was only through the work working with a compassionate therapist who heard the things that I told her. And she was appalled. And until I understood really what healthy relating should have looked like from a parent to a child and then really started unpacking this anger. So what do you say to people who think, well I had the typical upbringing for my community and Sure. You know, I didn't get em emotional nourishment and spiritual nourishment and all these things, but it was just normal to really get, no, this is you, this is pretty much, I think it's estimated 97% of us have this. How do you help people to really get that and not dismiss it and say, I don't need that.

Speaker 3 (20:09):

Good question. So at the retreats we run, I encourage people to actually express anger and get in touch with that rage and anger that's inside of them. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> anger is healthy, you know, healthy aggression because it establishes boundaries. It gets our needs met. Like we can say, you know, like, I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. Hit a pillow and everything and feel that, feel that rage and like boundary coming up inside of you without the shame and guilt. 'cause A lot of people are so scared of feeling anger because it basically, they equate it to being abandoned or put down or, or shut down by their parents or excluded by their family members. So we swallow the anger and we we're not even aware that we have it. But if you're looking for an optimal life, optimal health confidence, then it's good that you get in touch with and be comfortable with a whole spectrum of your emotions.

Speaker 3 (20:58):

And that's what we encourage people to do, is really feel the whole spectrum in a safe environment with positive feedback around it. I'm not asking you to beat people up and become a violent person. That's very different. Violence. Yeah. Is not necessarily anger or equates to anger or healthy aggression. Okay. That's out of control. But in a way to create limits for yourself and communicate with people in a non apologetic way. Right. And I think you can feel the energy coming from me. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> is your business. That's what I do with people at the retreats. And then in the course that I teach in the online course that's available for everyone. We also recommend homeopathic remedies to help release stored anger. No. Vomit is a great homeopathic remedy that basically helps people who are overly aggressive or stuck, have stuck anger. And also who have liver issues, maybe chronic constipation, heartburn, nausea, right?

Speaker 3 (21:53):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And so when you use homeopathy or when I use homeopathy on a person, then the healing goes much deeper because it heals the emotions as well as the physical body together and the mind. And also we'll talk about how certain remedies I'll teach you which ones can also heal childhood trauma. So instead of relying on therapy and therapy and therapy, which is great as well, a remedy can take therapy much faster. How do I say? It can help therapy work much faster and deeper. Okay. So that's, I basically get people to normalize their,

Speaker 1 (22:28):

I'm sorry to interrupt, but, so basically you're saying you give them an experiential, an experience of getting in touch with that anger for them to know that it's

Speaker 3 (22:39):

There's there Yes, exactly. Okay. Yes. Yeah. But we don't force it or put ideas into people's head that they should be angry or there's anger where there's none. Right. It's really about creating safety and acknowledgement and you know, getting them to feel somatically, what really exists. 'cause When you feel it in your body, you know it's true. That's the important thing. 'cause When you start expressing from your body, then a lot of deeper healing takes place. Which is very different from just expressing from your mind. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> the idea of these therapies that we do. So I combine gestalt therapy, family constellations, E M D R, somatic experiencing. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> is that you really embody your emotions. So my next retreat is called embodied self love. Really? So you embody and feel, you know your needs and your aggression and your shame and your vulnerabilities. Yeah. In a very safe, supportive manner so that you come out alive and thrive as a true human being.

Speaker 1 (23:39):

Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Oh that's wonderful.

Speaker 3 (23:42):


Speaker 1 (23:43):

Yeah. Okay. So now I interrupted you back talking about liver and the vial and all the things. So pick up where you'd like to take that.

Speaker 3 (23:50):

So the liver's, the mastro organ, right? Let's look at your intestines. First of all, your intestines are like a tube. A nice lining. Kept healthy by good bacteria and good food over time with antibiotic use of poor diet. Inflammatory foods like gluten, dairy, et cetera. The lining gets damaged, the good bacteria get killed off and the lining gets damaged. Then toxins leak into the bloodstream. Cause inflammation everywhere, leading cause for asthma, eczema, arthritis, a lot of chronic health issues as well as hormonal imbalance. The good bacteria in your gut are responsible for producing neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine and gaba. And so when these good bacteria get killed off, then your neurotransmitter production goes down and therefore then you get more mental health symptoms, more anxiety and depression. Now all this inflammation goes to the liver and inflammation also creates toxins. And the toxins have to be processed by your liver.

Speaker 3 (24:37):

Your liver's also inundated with pesticides on a daily basis. You know, environmental toxins, maybe alcohol to my sugar. And also it provi, it basically does over 500 functions from cholesterol metabolism, hormone balancing, blood sugar storage, iron storage, B vitamin storage. All these things are happening. Your liver. So your liver gets slammed with toxins, slammed with inflammation. And also stress goes and contracts your liver through the vagus nerve. I don't talk about that. So all these things lead to liver stagnation or liver cheese stagnation as we call in Chinese medicine. The liver stops working so well produces less bile, which cause the gas, bloating, constipation, et cetera we talked about. And also, when you produce less bile, your microbiome, your gut health becomes unhealthy again because bile is important to kill off the bad bacteria. And it also breaks down fatty acids, which are important to basically feed the good bacteria.

Speaker 3 (25:31):

So your bile is not digesting fats too well either. And you're not absorbing nutrients either. So you're going to nutrient depletion on healthy microbiome, which is leading to more leaky gut, more chronic inflammation. It's a vicious cycle. Hormonal imbalance as well. And a whole myriad of like blood sugar storage issues, fatty liver disease, cholesterol metabolism issues, progesterone deficiencies. And also propensity towards certain types of cancer. Because remember the hormones are not being metabolized properly now. And so of course we need to heal the liver. And so how do we do that? First is remove inflammatory foods, whether it's gluten or dairy, right? Do the gut healing protocols in my course or with another naturopathic doctor. Okay. Whether it's probiotics, vitamin D or other amino acids. Remove it and like I said, remove the inflammatory foods and then heal the liver with, I use bitter foods.

Speaker 3 (26:23):

It could be, you know, rocket or aula. It could be bitter Gord, it could be dandelion root. You know, I love using herbs such as milk thistle, dandelion, other herbs that are in the course as well. Cruciferous vegetables are excellent. So that's your cabbage. Brussels sprouts, broccoli, those are great in phase two detoxification. And antioxidants are super important 'cause your liver's detoxifying on a regular basis. So it's inundated with oxidative damage. So you need the antioxidants could be glutathione, it could be vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E. All these things will help optimize liver function. Yeah. Organic berries are high in antioxidants. They will help with liver function. And so when you heal your liver, bile starts flowing properly, your gut starts healing. So inflammation reduces hormones come more into balance, your skin clears, weight reduces significantly. Weight gain is often due to of course water retention cholesterol metabolism, sugar metabolism. And very connected to liver metabolism. A lot of people struggling to lose weight have a liver stagnation issue,

Speaker 1 (27:29):

Right? I know a lot of people right now are listening and they're getting overwhelmed 'cause they're like, oh my gosh, all this. And you want me to look at my anger and my trauma <laugh>, it's, you're probably feeling a little overwhelmed. So you mentioned starting with diet, which I totally agree that's the number one place to start. And if I know we're gonna give resources, you've got a book, you've got courses, you've got a retreat coming up. But if someone is thinking what is, what's maybe, what are the 1, 2, 3 top things that I might start working with to start healing? What would those things be?

Speaker 3 (28:10):

So it's about healing the gut and the liver and the emotions. Those are the top three. Literally removing the time. <Laugh>

Speaker 1 (28:18):

Sims said, you say it so easy. It's probably, those are the hardest things I find just even in my health journey. I always say health is a journey, not a destination. Navigating that gut liver journey, navigating that emotional healing journey, navigating all these things there, it's a continual unpacking and kind of course correcting process. So what things could they start implementing maybe today that they could do?

Speaker 3 (28:46):

Like I said, removing the inflammatory foods is a great start. You know, look at what foods you're sensitive to. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, including more bitter foods in your diet. Right? And more, more cruciferous vegetables as well. If you're not sensitive to them, that's a great start, right? Avoiding excessive, excessive sugar, excessive coffee, excessive gluten, dairy. All those things are great starts. And then mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, there's a free video I have as well on, on these resources that are mentioning on the site where it'll help you release certain stuck emotions, right? So become comfortable with your emotions. And the exercise goes like, I'll walk you through it very briefly. Just you can put one hand on your forehead, one hand behind your head just to reset your nervous system or settle it down. And you can say to yourself, take a deep breath in and out first for a couple of moments. You might be feeling anxious, you might be feeling overwhelmed. And don't fight it. Just say to yourself, it's safe for me to be overwhelmed from time to time. Use the words from time to time or once in a while, very purposefully. Then you can say, it's safe for me to let go of some of this information from time to time.

Speaker 3 (29:52):

I don't need to understand everything right away once in a while. So you're really given permission for your body to relax in your mind, to open up. It's safe for me to reconnect with myself once in a while, or let go of pressure from other people from time to time. Yeah. You can notice how at the end of the sentence, of using the words once in a while and from time to time, that's those endings are very important because it gives your nervous system the permission really to let go of the pressure and also to feel the emotions it doesn't wanna feel or you think you shouldn't feel. Yeah. And then you become more and more comfortable with your nervous system because emotions are natural responses to, to your stimuli, right? Whether you're feeling anxious, angry, disappointed, incapable, these are valuable senses that you're getting that tell you something about what you're facing right now.

Speaker 3 (30:54):

So it's safe to feel though once in a while, that starts the journey of self-love. Or you're not fighting yourself in your emotions and stigmatizing yourself anymore. And from that point, I find that when people continue to do the other exercises in the course, they get much better results because they've made peace with their own internal spectrum of emotions. So healing the gut, avoiding inflammatory foods, you know, more bitter foods, more drinking water of course, and becoming comfortable with your own emotions, I would say. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative> is one of the best starts you can do. And deep breathing. So when you breathe deep, yeah. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> like five deep breaths, maybe five times a day your diaphragm begins to massage your liver. One. Right? A lot of people have liver stagnation because they're shallow breathing. So the diaphragm is not massaging the lymphatics and detoxifying your liver.

Speaker 3 (31:43):

Very important movement is very important for detoxification. When you deep breathe as well, what happens is you reset your vagus nerve, this big beautiful nerve, a parasympathetic nerve that controls your breathing, your digestion, your liver, your heart rate, right? Even produces chemicals that affect your gut microbiome. And so when you do deep breathing, you regulate your vagus nerve and you calm down, you'll reset your parasympathetic state basically. And when you do that, then your liver functions better, your digestion, your motility improves. Okay? And your mind calms down. You come out of fight, flight, or freeze response. So it's a very positive feedback cycle when you do these active breathing exercises and active care for yourself. So when you practice self-care, yes, even in small amounts, your body gets used to it and it becomes less difficult because it becomes more familiar territory. Our difficulty with making changes is because of the lack of familiarity.

Speaker 3 (32:39):

Remember I said in the beginning, when we're burnt out and stressed out, we need familiar things, comfort zones, whether even if it's harmful to our health. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, we stick to those things. So the beginning of the journey, it feels a bit difficult, but when you do small amounts, like sometimes I might not feel like exercising i'll and it's been a long day, I'll just go down and put, do five pushups, then half an hour later after a Skype call, I'll go and do some situps. So small amounts, I don't have a routine where I can go for an hour and do a good workout at the gym. But these small, small things suddenly after 3, 4, 5 days are much stronger. Exercise feels less painful. And these hunger pangs that I have will reduce as well. Often I eat out a boredom, right? Or I'm nervous and stressed.

Speaker 3 (33:22):

Yeah, I'll go mu Yeah, I'll always munch on stuff. And what I've discovered beautifully is i'll, when I'm feeling that P of hunger, I'll quickly go and do some sit-ups. But like I say this with caution. 'cause If your blood sugar's low and you need to eat something, of course check with your doctor and make sure you're getting your blood sugar regulated. Me personally though, right? What I found some of my hunger cravings are not from low blood sugar, but from anxiety or boredom. So I'll throw in a bit of exercise there maybe for five, 10 minutes. That's it. Some movement, go for a walk, hunger reduces immediately. I feel better about myself and I'm getting stronger every day.

Speaker 1 (33:55):

Yes. These are so many powerful tools that you're sharing. And we're definitely gonna have Dr. Amit's information and links in the show notes for you so you can find out more. But before we wrap up, I have to ask you about this quote that you've shared. Healing has an aspect of letting go of perceived self so that true self can emerge. Can you talk about that a little bit,

Speaker 3 (34:18):

<Laugh> and what that means? I'm glad you noticed that saying not many people notice that. So perceived self is our idea of our personality and our self post the wounds that we have experienced in life. Yeah, I am a angry person, I'm a soft person. I'm not confident, I'm not loved all that. And so when we start letting go of those compensations or armors, right? Then the true self begins to get felt. We start to feel our vulnerability, our softness, our our love, our our lovable. Well all parts of us are really lovable, but you know, that authentic sense of being. And when we let go of this armor, then also the contractions in our physiology, the fight flight to freeze response in our adrenal system, the contraction in our liver all starts to dissipate. So organ functions start healing as well. So by healing the mind, right, and letting go of these armors and moons, the body starts to heal. So heal your mind, therefore your body heals. And as your body heals and you let go of the armors, true self emerges. And true self is really you thriving, optimal health. Feeling, feeling joy and sadness when, when it's important to feel those things. Okay? But not getting stuck in a routine of emotions. So at the retreats we go full spectrum. We get you to feel every single thing and come back to safety, stillness and allow your experience of really the depth of difficult emotions and feeling cared for at the same time.

Speaker 1 (35:51):

Yeah. I love this quote because it's so true that, you know, I, when I work with women, I tell them, the person you are now can't have the health and vitality and joy and life that you want. You have to become somebody that can have those things. And so you know how Joseph Campbell talks about the hero's journey that every journey is, that starts with some crisis, right? For a lot of women at midlife, it's a health crisis. How am I gonna overcome this? I don't know what to do, I don't know where to go. And you go on this journey and you pick up resources and you have challenges and you have setbacks and you find more resources. And at the end, you know, like in Star Wars or in the Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz, you get the thing that you set out to get.

Speaker 1 (36:40):

But really what you get is you become someone different and you become that true self, like you described, who is the person who can have those things. And so I find that a lot of women, they don't want anything to change about their lives, but they wanna lose weight or they wanna have energy, they wanna have hair growth or sex drive or no depression, or you name fill in the blank symptoms, what I call midlife metabolic mayhem. They want those symptoms to go away, but they don't want anything to change <laugh>. And they don't want to look at, you know, their two espresso per morning habit. And they don't wanna look at the fact that their relationship with their partner, they basically become roommates and they're not intimate at all, or they don't wanna look at these things. So how do you help people open to this? 'cause I think that's a little threatening of a statement to people who don't like change. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>. And they're like, I like who I am. I don't wanna be someone else. <Laugh>. So how do you help them open to that possibility?

Speaker 3 (37:43):

So first is education. When people realize the connection between the gut, the liver, the adrenal system, hormones, and the mood. Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, most of my clients, 99% of, often after hearing the connection, they comply with the protocols. One. Number two, I use a lot of homeopathy, right? Homeopathic remedies, which also helps shift the mind and get people to regain confidence, have less fear. And when you shift that and you have less fear, you're more able to take risks and you have more self-love and confidence and you're less, you have less food cravings automatically and you're less addicted to substances, right? Addiction is sometimes is just need for familiarity. And so these reduce and the changes happen very quickly. But that's using a lot of the protocols in, in terms of coaching or psychotherapy. I acknowledge the need for safety and to be still right because change, what does change bring about it?

Speaker 3 (38:35):

It might bring about isolation, it might bring about detachment or separation, a sense of aloneness. And those need to be acknowledged, right? When did you last feel alone? Why was it so difficult? What does it mean by, you know, having a conversation with your partner? Does it mean conflict? Does it mean violence? Does it mean looking bad? Where, what are those wounds? Is that from your mom or from your dad? So I'll do a lot of family consolation therapy as well, where I find clients are loyal to their parents' misery. What does that mean? So if mom was with an addicted or alcoholic or abusive partner, I will be protective of mom. I will rescue mom. And I'll also feel guilty about being happier than mom. I don't deserve to be happier than mom was. And you'll see this very often. We'll have patterns of generations having similar kinds of relationships as their parents did with abusive partners, dissatisfying partners.

Speaker 3 (39:28):

This comes out of a blind loyalty. We have an unconscious loyalty to the system, to the system that we're born into. And using family constellations therapy at the retreats and of course online. Then what happens is we help disentangle these loyalties. We help disentangle these loyalties. So you can say, dear mom, I really respect you and I love you so much. You know, please forgive me if I look at dad with equal love as I look at you, not many people can say that if one of one of the parents is abusive, and because dad is important energy for us as well, right? It's half our life force. And please forgive me if I leave this pain with you and I have a better, like I find happiness where you couldn't, you know, please bless me or look at me with love and a smile.

Speaker 3 (40:13):

Please smile upon me if I find happiness where you couldn't or where you suffered. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. So you almost give yourself permission and feel permission from the people you're loyal to, to thrive in life. So these healing sentences are extremely important for transformation as well. You know, you can go to therapy till the cows come home, but if you don't heal these blind loyalties, you will be stuck in these patterns. And that's why I encourage people to really seek out family constellations therapy as well in their healing journey. Combined with homeopathy, of course. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. Yeah. And supporting the adrenal system. A lot of people find it difficult to change 'cause the adrenal system is burnt out. So change feels overwhelming. And when I support the mm-hmm <affirmative> with adaptogens and, but first we need to detoxify the liver and make sure there's less inflammation.

Speaker 3 (41:00):

But when we support the adrenal system with adaptogens and maybe phosphatidyl seine or some other positive mood nutrients, they have more confidence. They have the ability to basically try new things rather than rely on all patterns. They feel good automatically inside. So they wanna do more good things. Then you start creating small positive habits and that creates a reward. Like you feel satisfied. So when you feel satisfied action, you get a reward result. Like it's a reward symptom, a dopamine rush. And so your body starts becoming addicted or wanting yeah, the positive effects of the positive steps you're taking. So there's more motivation really to eat healthier and to avoid the alcohol, to avoid the excessive coffee and to go for that walk or that ride,

Speaker 1 (41:48):

Right? Yeah. Sometimes just calming some of the things down, especially cortisol can really help. And I've been amazed being here in Dubai at the level of energy work and healing, nurturing modalities are available. Family constellation therapy. There's so many therapists here. When I was in South Florida doing my shaman training, there's like one lady <laugh> who does it in all of South Florida. And here I, there's, I've seen probably at least six or eight, which is kind of amazing. So it's something I'm gonna dive into. Thank you so much for sharing all of this wonderful information with us. Inspiration. I think you really are helping people to see that it's, it's not just the physicality, it is the emotionality, it's the family, it's the ancestors, which is a whole other conversation that maybe we'll have another time. It's your energy, it's your nervous system, it's, it's everything. So women listening, if you want full body healing, life healing and really to live the life that you deserve to live, I think all people deserve brilliant health that supports them in living their life, their dreams. You definitely wanna check out Dr. Ameet's resources that he has available where can everybody find out more about all the wonderful things that you've shared with us? We'll put all the links that he mentions in the show notes. So don't worry about writing them down, they'll be there for you. But what, where can they find you?

Speaker 3 (43:19):

So my website is dr, that's D R A M E E There's a free ebook and video course as well on healing the five pillars of health. That's your gut, liver, adrenals, emotions, and some talks about family constellations. And there's a full course there as well, which goes into all my protocols for with homeopathy, herbs, et cetera, for healing the gut, liver adrenals, emotional healing exercise, so trauma healing exercise as well. And then I do retreats around the world as well as I teach a course, an in-person course to help you really become better at helping others with anxiety and depression and helping yourself. It's an experiential course. And if you don't find those links in the website because they're kind of reserved for people in the online course, send me an email, right? And if you have a group of people or you wanna join me in Europe or Africa or anywhere else in the world, send me an email and we'll organize a retreat or an in-person training for you and your group. It'll be a pleasure for me.

Speaker 1 (44:11):

Wonderful. And we'll put that email in the show notes, we'll get all that information for you. Thank you so much for your journey and for your own healing, because now you can share it with the world. And I very much appreciate you joining us today.

Speaker 3 (44:27):

I thank you and I thank the universe actually yeah, for this healing journey that healing, like you say, helped me share and give more back to the world. So thank you everyone for listening.

Speaker 1 (44:35):

Yeah. Thank you so much for joining me for another episode of The Hormone Prescription with Dr. Kyrin. I know for sure you learned something today that you can take action on. Maybe it's that you even start thinking about, Hmm, am I really feeling my emotions? Am I processing them? What component could this be of my healing? Maybe this is what's holding me back, or family constellation therapy or whatever it is. Reach out to me on social media, tell me about it. 'cause You know, I love hearing about it. And we'll have another wonderful episode for you again next week. I will see you then. Until then, peace, love, and hormones, y'all.

Speaker 2 (45:14):

Thank you so much for listening. I know that incredible vitality occurs for women over 40 when we learn to speak hormone and balance these vital regulators to create the health and the life that we deserve. If you're enjoying this podcast, I'd love it if you'd give me a review and subscribe. It really does help this podcast out so much. You can visit the hormone where we have some free gifts for you, and you can sign up to have a hormone evaluation with me on the podcast to gain clarity into your personal situation. Until next time, remember, take small steps each day to balance your hormones and watch the wonderful changes in your health that begin to unfold for you. Talk to you soon.


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Discover Your Health Blindspots

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