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You’re a smart, successful woman who seems to have her life together, but there’s one thing you keep struggling with; your health...

You can’t seem to lose the weight or get in the shape that you

want to... you’ve failed all the diet & exercise programs and you

blame yourself...

You’re tired and it’s a struggle to get through the day sometimes... caffeine to wake you up and wine to calm you down have become

your best friends...

Then you can’t fall asleep or you wake up for no reason and toss

and turn all night only to do it all again the next day...

You’re irritable and snap at people...sometimes even anxious or

depressed for no apparent reason...your doctor gave you

medication but you you just don’t feel like yourself...

And the intimacy with your partner has become a distant

memory that you’ve given up on and it’s the elephant in the room

that no one’s talking about...you’ve been told “that’s normal for your age”...

Your focus and memory are lagging and you’re finding it harder

and harder to complete things on your endless To-Do List...you’ve

lost your edge...you’ve lost your joy in life

So you keep asking yourself...

“Why am I suffering like this?”

And it leads you down the never-ending rabbit hole of...

"Why can’t I just lose the weight? Then everything will be OK."

"I can’t wait until retirement, then I’ll have the time to get my

health right"...

"Why can’t I find the right diet, supplement, exercise program or

doctor to fix me?"

You see other women thriving at midlife, full of brilliance, energy &


and eventually you wonder...

“What’s wrong with me?”

It’s the ONE piece of the puzzle you can’t figure out.

And without realizing it, life is passing you by.

Whether you’ve tried talking to your doctor and been dismissed,

taken fistfuls of prescription medications, searched on Google,

summits & podcasts to find the answers...or turned to your friends

for help, it’s led you to failure and helplessness to ever be your

best self again.

Furthermore, you’re tired. Tired of being the one who has to

figure it all out by herself. You know that doctors are supposed

to have all the health answers you need but you’ve been

dismissed and told these things are normal for your age and

given no answers as to why you feel this way and no solutions for

how to change your health and your life.

You’ve given up on your dreams for being the Mom you always

wanted to be, the partner you long to be, going back to school,

starting that business, checking off your bucket list travel

adventures, having the fulfilling relationships that you crave and

living your life full out. Not to mention worried you may never

regain the excellent health that you once enjoyed and dream of

having again.


You’ve gone to traditional doctors, acupuncturists and even

naturopaths, health coaches and trainers to uncover the cause of your health problems. You’ve paid for expensive tests and not been given clear understanding or a path forward through your difficulties.

You’ve tried every eating program including keto, paleo, vegetarian or even vegan and carnivore. You’ve cut out gluten and other foods you heard could be the problem but to no avail. You’ve even given up and tried to find ‘peace’ by going back to your HMO doctor...but no matter how hard you try, you know that a life without great health is not the life you’re meant to live.

The Midlife Metabolism Institute takes you through a duplicatable, repeatable process that reveals the root cause that’s keeping your health stuck.

Then we heal it using a research based, proprietary and holistic system that’s education and implementation based and incorporates the most advanced hormone and metabolic testing available so you can heal the causes of your health problems and experience weight loss, great energy, mental and emotional clarity, feel sexy and confident, look great and master midlife.


  • Identify and resolve the root cause functional patterns that keep you from having healthy system function, including hormones and more, so that you can build an optimally healthy body to last a lifetime and have it support you in doing all the great things that you want to do in life.

  • Gracefully let go of ineffective, costly strategies that aren’t working and move naturally into science based, proven strategies that heal you down to the cellular level so that you can’t help but achieve your health goals once and for all.

  • Improve your ability to navigate your health journey as you age so that you don’t fall into the same pitfalls again and can steer to the brilliant health and meaningful life that your heart longs for.

Check out the extraordinary results our clients have experienced with us. And when you’re ready, join our training here:


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Stay Off My Operating Table - A Cardiac Surgeon Shares How

August 29, 20233 min read

Welcome to the latest episode of The Hormone Prescription Podcast! Today, we have a truly special guest, Dr. Philip Ovadia, a renowned cardiac surgeon, author, and expert on metabolic health. Grab a cup of tea, settle down, and prepare to be inspired by Dr. Ovadia's transformational journey and expert advice on overcoming obesity and maintaining a healthy heart. 🚀


In this episode:
* Discover Dr. Ovadia's fascinating journey from being an obese heart surgeon to becoming a passionate advocate for metabolic health.
* Uncover the essential principles of optimizing your metabolic health for preventing heart disease and other chronic illnesses.
* Learn how a low-carb, nutrient-dense diet can invigorate your body, mind, and hormone balance in midlife.
* Gain practical tips on how to address your own metabolic health challenges and make lasting lifestyle changes.
* Get a peek into Dr. Ovadia's latest book, Stay Off My Operating Table, and his telehealth practice, Ovadia Heart Health.


 Episode Highlights 🔥
Dr. Ovadia shares how his personal struggles with obesity and metabolic health led him to revolutionize his own life and the lives of countless others:
* His inspiring weight loss journey - shedding almost 100 pounds through a low-carb focused way of eating and adopting a primarily carnivorous diet since 2019.
* The secrets of his extensive research on the health benefits of low-carb diets with a focus on heart health, including personal discussions with leading physicians and experts in the field.
* A fascinating look at how Dr. Ovadia's hands-on clinical experience with heart disease and personal insights have informed his telehealth practice, Ovadia Heart Health, and his approach to preventing and treating metabolic and heart diseases through lifestyle and dietary modifications.


Don't Miss This Life-Changing Conversation! 🎧

Midlife women, this episode is tailor-made for you! Join us as we explore the journey of an incredible physician and author who's paving the way for a healthier future, one person at a time. Listen, learn, and be inspired to take charge of your own well-being today!  💪🏼


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Founder of Midlife Metabolism Institute and The Hormone Club,Transformational Leader, Medical Expert, Health Coach.

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